EUROPE | Fam Trip Travel Vlog!

Hellllooo☺ Travel with me to Europe and come meet my family!♥ Hope you enjoy! 🙂 Let’s Keep in Touch! Ghost Supplements – “ALLY” 20% OFF …



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  1. Your mom, sooo cute

  2. This is amazing; What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing this part of your life!

  3. Ally stringing maxx along smh

  4. I'm only half way in… can I move in with your mom? Omg! Her life and home is amazing ❤

  5. super nice video, subbed!

    If you ever come by Norway, let me know!

  6. I love your family! This was cute honestly my favorite vlog!

  7. Trying to slide thru platform 9 and 3/4 like… haha love it

  8. Your mom is the cutest! Love her!

  9. Omg your mom is so cute!❤️ honestly my favorite vlog yet , love!

  10. Your mom is the best!!

  11. Drop a link to the soap! Lemme get some!

  12. "Can you imagine just waking up and being like, hmm I want some fruits today. That's literally it, it's a good time, I could live like this. Oh jeez, I almost died a little bit. I just ate a worm. I just ate a worm. On camera, I just ate a worm"

    …That escalated so quickly from fruity bliss to absolute disgust all in like 10 seconds.

  13. Can you do a giveaway with some of the soaps

  14. Absolutely loved this! I want to be your mom when I grow up… jk neva growing up haha!!

  15. Omg I love you and your family! You guys are so cuuuute together 🙂 and it's really cool what your mom makes!

  16. Your parents house is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! Loved the travel vlog btw! 🙂

  17. Awww, im dating a french now, and his family makes everything themselves as well. Even now when hes in asia, he only uses handmade soap.

  18. …….. I got questions for you running to the wall, fam. lmaooo

  19. LMAOOOOO your mom gives me life. "sings London bridge falling down*

  20. The reality of travel really resonated – cold and hungry and lost. You guys are so cute and it looks like you had the best time, thanks for sharing your fun family memories!

  21. That’s exactly why fruit is meant to be washed. So you don’t eat a worm.

  22. Your mom is soooo cute !

  23. Great video! Your mom and the organic products she makes are awesome!

  24. …everything about this is so beautiful and wonderful.

  25. Your family is adorable and their home in stunning. I would never leave. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Sending your family and you all my love.

  26. Wow, your mom's lab is awesome. She is very beautiful too! Great vlog!!!! More lifestyle vlogs in the future I hope!

  27. Ally, you are adorable, I absolutely love your mom & the music for this video is so catchy! So glad you had fun with your family! PS those soaps your mom makes, are all so cute!

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