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BTS Team Up With Charli XCX On "Dream Glow" For 'BTS World' Soundtrack | Billboard News

Ahead of the superstar septet’s upcoming ‘BTS World’ game, BTS shared the first of several songs that will be featured in the mobile phone game today (June 7).



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  1. Did BTS ever rest? It seems like they released a new song every 2 days.. And when they quiet for few days, I'm nervous like what will happened with the world of Army?

  2. Yassss the song is amazing! I’m excited for the app!

  3. Can’t wait

  4. BTS!!!!!!!!

  5. Billboard news = BTS news

  6. I see bts, I click. That's it.

  7. *Korean artists.

  8. They always kill it!! And Charli is so cool! Love this song

  9. I can't wiat for the game to be released

  10. Please someone what it the game all about?Is it a normal game ????

  11. Jungkook voice is amazing

  12. Jimin.jin.jk

  13. Why did i get a notification when im not even subscribed? Lol still watched tho

  14. love this song dream glow

  15. I have a question will the bts world app be available in Europe? If not then their will be a problem and lots of tears

  16. Bts's new song is amazing

  17. Le agradesco mucho a wsta mujer por pronunciar bien los nombres

  18. Yo solo venga a decir…..que esa cancion es todo un cumbion

  19. Laveet ❤️❤️


  21. You should call your channel BTS News lol…

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