BIGGEST HATER uses my CREDIT CARD.. you won't believe what he buys.. (Roblox)

DISCLAIMER* DO NOT give out your credit card information!! I only did this for a video!! today we give the biggest hater my credit card.. why ? experiment alert!


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  1. nice comment

  2. Ore you arent geting oreos 🙂 hahaha

  3. Plz see my video tofuu its for you


  5. My question is who can hate tofu. (⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀) ╯︵ ┻─┻

  6. Hahaha

  7. Can you gave me the meltedway trail on speed simulator pls because I collect youtubers trail

  8. can you give me rubox pls

  9. I buyed the team turtle merch my name in roblox is Richboy313210 butim not rich

  10. Not being mean but you look bad

  11. I played your game

  12. Love ur videos

  13. Tofuu i think i now the hater name is it a boy and his name is john

  14. i wanna marri joe

  15. When are you going to do the give away? lol

  16. You Querk?

  17. I am slightly jealous of the hater because I don't have almost any mom takes away my money..literally…family issues

  18. This video..

  19. Hello mr mans

  20. I love your vids tofuu or joe and pls give me some robux

  21. I think the hack website is v3million

  22. His online

  23. I think you made the account and the hate letter just for the video

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