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  1. Unusual yet effective way to clean optics 12:20⚠️

    More tips for you

  2. And i only liked the vid cuz i maybe will use the rose mask hack

  3. 5.24 eww gross kids are watching this i only want the thumbnail ugh

  4. you need professional braces not artificial??

  5. Its waww 5 crafts

  6. 5:27 at who would want to EAT that!?????

  7. How are u getting the permanent marker of your toe like if u agree

  8. did yall see what she done with her penny she put her phone in it like if you see it

  9. wow amazing video

  10. El Soi Do Brazi


  12. 2:14 when you give a tip to try and choke you grandma

  13. ว้าววว

  14. the front is so fake

  15. الشنطه حلوة كتير كتير

  16. 7:40 don't not try that it's dirty

  17. gostei

  18. I love

  19. Que asco poner el teléfono adentro de la bombacha

  20. Ide/kreatifnya bagus ……
    Tapi sedikit gk ada otak nya
    Jadi saya sangat gk suka….

  21. Nossa todo mundo escreve engles

  22. Quem vai precisa vei

  23. Hola keiti

  24. Im sure that every one knows the shower cap hack

  25. They looked like face mas and then i was like they look like butts

  26. Que haríamos sin ideas en 5 minutos xd dale like si hablas español

  27. Ses encore est encore du deja vue -.- mais sinon ses super 🙂

  28. Hola amigos les quiero hablar sobre que nuertos océano se están llenando de plástico y eso afecta tanto a los animales marinos como a nosotros apoyemos en planeta o plástico
    esto ES algo serio tomemos conciencia

  29. Pé feio da desgraça

  30. Que legal por isso q tem tanto escrito por que é de assistir

  31. This has fake photo in starting of the video

  32. Woww!

  33. Só tem eu aqui do bra8

  34. Der best 5 minuten crafts

  35. 5:25 ummm???

  36. هههههههه

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