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EXCITING NEW IDEAS FOR GIRLS Here we are with a truckload of brand new ideas for everyone who loves comfort! In this kids tutorial video, you can find a lot …


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  1. dont do the diy brace one it loosens your teeth after a while dont do it its very BAD my friend did it and he had to go to the hospital

  2. What if you choke on the earring back

  3. Quick tip:instead of damaging your teeth with fake brakes take a tiny bit of chewed gum and attach it to the earing (flat side) and then u just make sure ur teeth are dry, and stick um on. They night not why that long but it works! (Make sure u clean the earing first)

    Have a good weekend,or week


  5. AAAHHHHH pls don’t try the braces!!!! The rubber band could squeeze your teeth together and then go underneath your gums! Pls don’t do it! Not only bc real ones hurt, it’s bc it could cost 50,000 dollars to get the stuck rubber band out of your teeth!

  6. Umm I am never going to do this it can make your teeth fall out

  7. Who else is here because of Robby?

  8. hahhaahhahah love

  9. Wow amqzing

  10. What the frick is up with all these rubber band s

  11. 10.31 só estragando água

  12. If you have 2 mor than only use one on your hair

  13. That's awesome

  14. 0:47 that’s how people break into your house

  15. Hhhhhh yasalam

  16. If you put a rubber band on you teeth it goes up your teeth and hide's under you gum

  17. I have a YouTube channel it's Rev David Robb

  18. yrkhlfolg

  19. Wow amazing

  20. I like the 12th minute

  21. De beugel werkte nii..

  22. Dont tell bell delphine

  23. I'm real braces

  24. La idea de los brackets es la peor porque si la liga truena se saca la sangre o te la puedes pasar la liga yo admiro mucho el canal pero eso lastima los dientes o la salud

  25. 2:00 why would you have make-up brushes in the shower?

  26. NEVER do the first hack. It damages teeth.

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