Life Hacks

3 Amazing Life Hacks

Hello my dear friends,in this video I’m going to show you 3 Awesome Life Hacks. That is all folks I wished to share with you! Please subscribe to my YouTube …


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  1. Use Nichrome Wire in second Life Hack.

  2. i think the first one is just stupid because it can overheat

  3. super

  4. Good night

  5. So i will only say that it is a garbage

  6. If this is dangerous to do that at home

  7. Hay quá anh ơi

  8. Can I use another inkpen or just like this inkpen in the viedo???!!

  9. Thank you.

  10. Very good

  11. Sale DkBose Agli baar Can me pen se hole kar lena samjhe warna S*** tujko bahut marega aur tu mar jaiga samjha❗❗❗

  12. Amazing. Pro nice

  13. We have try at home but it doesn't work

  14. Gimana cara membuatnya???

  15. Amazing cool idea!

  16. Прикольное видео

  17. Hsososchxfufd soon Donna

  18. naise

  19. это крута

  20. Alguém em 2019


  22. ata é em ingles "i am fiz o canom of gun for my pai ele cry he is bichona xd"

  23. fiz o canhao para atira no meu pai 🙂 ele choro kkk q froxo

  24. Nice nice

  25. Doesn’t work anymore, these were patched in the new 4.26.19 update

  26. It is look more attractive when blur is off

  27. Are you able to reuse the piece of tin foil

  28. Wayan rian nitasari

  29. seriously? :/

  30. Сначала паять научись…

  31. amazing

  32. sooo booringgggg


  34. how do you think that?

  35. If i ever was on the verge of death, life hacks are the only thing that could keep me alive

  36. 2:59 nice hack

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