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KITCHEN TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Check out a collection of cheap kitchen tools made from plastic bottles. You will find easy tutorials on how to make cookie …


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  1. I hate the deceiving thumbnail of every video

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  11. Potato is my favvvvvvvvvv….

  12. if we have to bake more than 5 mins and 10 min of cutting so why have you put its name 5 min crafts??????? It should be 10-30 min crafts

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  15. 5 minute crafts vs crafty panda simple summer hacks

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  19. So nice hacks I really loved it

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  21. 3.35 who dont know that?

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  23. Was that mango in 3:14???

  24. Love you 5 minutes crafts

  25. He cut the lemon it turned into kiwi my whole life is a lie

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  27. the only one i liked is the basket but the others where

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  29. What fruit was that in 3:05

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