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BEST HACKS FOR EXTREME SITUATIONS Survival hack s and skills are essential for anyone who lives in the city or in wildness. It doesn’t matter what the …


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  1. Clogged ear?

  2. Puts hand on shoulder "Well done, you're promo…" 1:59

  3. Hi 5 minutes crafts I love u guys so much I do ur hacks

  4. So you bite someone for self defence.


  5. You may subscribe

  6. Waow Amazing video. Im from Indonesia please watch this video for you Thanks you

  7. :1 t siri
    :2 pewdiepie
    :3 minute crafts

  8. 14:58 hahaahahha

  9. life hacks!

  10. Oye sube free ,pug o hta no la kaka de contenido que tenes si subes lo que te dije capas tengas un suscriptor mas –

  11. Es muy feo as un contenido mas bueno jaja ni esas cajadas sube. Free,pug o gta no esa kaka

  12. Amigo que kaka tu video

  13. 2:15 why does it say bright side on the bottom

  14. 3:10 he looks like he could be trying to stop her if she dropped her wallet or left her purse somewhere but she don’t want it anymore and gives him face plesutr

  15. This acting on this is amazing. Also when do you get threatened by a man in a white room with cameras makes no sense

  16. 4:20 is disgusting lol

  17. 13:20 ummmm u forgot to zip it

  18. Those self defense hacks kinda look very fake the man would just go after the women

  19. 7:17 фу блять,мне шо насать нужно??

  20. increible

  21. Love five minute crafts keep up the good work

  22. can u make a video about how to get rid of heat in school in summer?

  23. whatt!!

  24. for a tiger scratch is simple!


  25. Poop poop poop poop

  26. Most of the videos are same

  27. You are the worst channel on YouTube I try these and are not real and useful

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