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MAGIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS We prepared a new collection of awesome beauty hack s that will help you to look gorgeous! New recipes of the face and hair …


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  1. Trying to get rid of dark circles? This can help 15:37
    More supreme advises

  2. 5 minute craft is my favourite videos

  3. Girl that wasabi doesn’t help those pale lips it just irritates them and makes them red in pain

  4. 1:28 that is what a razor is for

  5. please try to reduce the time of videos and increase the count of videos..becos 20 minuts is so huge time..i think everybody should not be time to see full videos..

  6. 10:50 that is terrible for your teeth

  7. If your subscribed to them I'm disappointed in you cause all of these beauty hack vids are fake asf you can't get rid of a pimple with toothpaste after two minutes.

  8. 5 minute hacks? More like 20 minute hacks!

  9. 6.17 burdan bile gözüm yaşardı..

  10. When it said ashy elbows I said lotion

  11. I need nothing more than carrot juice on my face and neck to give me an outstanding looking skin. Yep, life is that simple.

  12. I would just take a shower

  13. 12:15 mam you looking like aarthi agarwal

  14. Turmeric solves everythinf

  15. Hhheeeyyy

  16. i’m wheezing what’s with the turmeric

  17. The thumbnail looks like Kim kardashian !!!

  18. Wer mag schon Joy?

  19. We will try to do it

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