Work HARD Dream BIG – Best Motivational Video for Success & Studying

Work Hard, Dream Big, Give Your Best, and make it happen! This is a Powerful Motivational Speech Video created to inspire and motivate students to study for …


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  1. Interesting

  2. It's nice

  3. This is probably one of the best articulated motivational videos my eyes have seen

  4. From now on i will make it happen, i will purchase my dreams and be happy and grounded.

  5. Ads shouldn't be In the middle of this!!!

  6. "Small step required to build moment"❤️❤️❤️

  7. I'm writing my first paper tomorrow. Thanks for the motivation.

  8. This video give back my motivation. It hurts when someone see you studying and said why are you studying ur just gonna fail again just go and work, and i drop out because my motivation to go to school is gone and im going to take an exam next year to change what they think about me. Im not even dumb i even make an excellent grade marks on exam they just think that studying is nothing in life. Dreaming of being physicist here

  9. No one for you ,only you for you so don't wait someone ,this day is all yours ……Do it
    Don't blaming someone to your situation,it depends on you
    Check my youtube channal and comment below

  10. Thank you so much

  11. Motivational videos don't work after you binge watch them.


  13. everything possible. I am helpful for me so thanks for this video

  14. Sorry but the commentator is not that good

  15. It's so hard for me to stay positive while everything is going crazy in my life. It's so much pressure and stress it's so hard to handle and I am really scared that I'll give up but I really don't want to but it keeps getting harder and harder!!

  16. Day after tomorrow is the result of my annual exams.Had worked really hard for them.

  17. Wow ,thank you very much for this powerful message,I wish all young people could here this.

  18. was that ruby granger….???

  19. i swear i clicked on this randomly , i am an Architect student , exams next two weeks !!! , is it a sign?

  20. Thank you so much for this Motivation2Study! You are my inspiration to go on and reach my maximum potential. I can't thank you enough.

  21. Work hard, dream big, study hard, stay focused, stay humble, give your best and don't ever give up! I know a lot of people are finishing up exams the next few weeks so good luck, study hard for them and they'll be over before you know it! Thanks for watching this weeks video, hope you have a great week!

  22. that ad in the middle really kills the momentum

  23. People will tell you to take it easy and doing other things.
    That you have to live a little and not be so obsessive.
    Remember that they are projecting their reality. Keep doing you, dedicated and persistent.
    Results are on the way.

  24. Thank you for this motivation. Please like my comment when you see this. I love your videos so much

  25. Indeed we all are the architect of one's own life.

  26. Thank you

  27. Good job.❤

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