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Trump the deal-maker struggles on the world stage

President Donald Trump is showing frustration as he struggles to make deals with China, North Korea and Venezuela. CNN’s Abby Phillip reports. #Trump …


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  1. What is bad about Anerica is we took God out of everything, we have aborted generations of Children, we are weakening our nation with the LBGT agenda, we elect career politicians who do nothing but protect their agenda, we have the former administration selling 20% of our uranium to Russia and allowing Russia and China to build milatary bases in Haiti and South America and undermining our country by setting up an insurance policy to destroy an incomming administration. We have lawyers and psychologist violating their oaths just to get at this President, we have people in the news who would not know what unbiased reporting means if it bit them in the butt just to name a few.

  2. only libtards believe this fake can't cure stupid.

  3. Trump's art of deal making is my way or the highway, that may work in screwing over tradies who have already done the job and are awaiting payment but not other countries who can take their business elsewhere.
    He is way out of his league.

  4. Pour it to them Mr. Trump, These stupid libs and their non American agenda tabloid channels are totally showing their true crazy colors.

  5. Orange face powder.


  7. you've already lost half of your viewers, with your FAKE NEWS. are you, people insane. you keep serving up the same shit over and over. do you really expect a different outcome?

  8. when are you and all the rest of the media stop reporting trumps lies its you who keeps talking about him why dont you stop showing his lies and report real news your being complicit by repeating his lies and when you do you should be fact checking all his lies its your duty to only report the facts and the truth

  9. Trump is greate. Now.. THIS CHANNEL is just plain propaganda-crap..
    Allways been… allways will…

  10. This idiotic President will not make America great again. On the contrary, he will do more damage to America and American lives because of his trumpeted ego! American must act to vote him out of office!

  11. Fake news hyped again.

  12. Just kill your enemy like what i do stop talking be strong trump use your common sense if they do not listen to you curse them and address and explain thr issue so that the support of the people wil be at you

  13. Pity the bastard hadn't gone to Vietnam

  14. and cnn struggles to do journalism

  15. These liars actually think there going to get away with what they do our great WINNING President Trump every single minute of the day,lying and bashing our president him every day.THE PAIN IS COMING AND LIKE TRUMP AND Q said u will be held ACCOUNTABLE.U BETTER BELIEVE THAT

  16. I like president d.trump's rules choice

  17. This idiot can’t run a business (as we now know) let alone a country…he is f**king dangerous!!

  18. All it will take is a single strike at one of these rogue states and the "object lesson" will be sorely learned by the rest. President TRUMP we're 100% behind you! Do what you gotta do.

  19. Fake news

  20. Oh my God he just keeps talking

  21. CNN struggles to stay relevant. after 2 years telling the public about collusion…Well…Muller is done, no collusion, no obstruction….NOW WHAT???    CNN IS DONE.

  22. I want to read all these letters from dictators and communist leaders

  23. He's a crappy deal maker. Proof! he lost billions of dollars 1985-1994.

  24. What is this North Korean tremendous potential…..consists of what?


    why does America (which is 500 years old since Columbus sailed the ocean blue 1492) have such influence on countries thousands of years old?

    #(ck) common knowledge

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