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Trump-May news conference in full – BBC News

US President Donald Trump said the US and UK have the “greatest alliance the world has ever known” in a news conference with Theresa May. The prime …


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  1. Thank you Mr President Trump, what a lovely president, hate him at your own peril.He don't mince his words.Great President, America first finish …..Big up Mr Trump.

  2. our hero…i love US president Mr Trump dont support to UK Pm..her blame to ur election time..remember to u

  3. I love Trump. He's the best!! Minister May is cool as well.

  4. Guardians of Insanity lel

  5. when the shaked hands, thought they were about to kiss and accept their "true love"

  6. The BBC is boring the hell out of me with the constant Trump bashing! It's little wonder Donald can't stand the gutter press. I'm English and I like the guy.

  7. Theresa May is the perfect representation of UK. A bitter old woman who used to look pretty

  8. Trump is a coward!, not by just what He says but also the things that He doesn't do,,,

  9. look people, Trump is just waiting for His second term to decimate the World,,, period.

  10. I really like how it’s been communicated, “positive force” it’s brilliant!

  11. She looks at her schedule after resigning. "Oh for fucks sake"

  12. How Taiwan call Country

  13. Here's the joke: D-Day celebration invited Germans but not Russians.

  14. God save the Queen and send Her Majesty victorius !!

  15. May meets Moron, just a few days away from leaving office (mercifully). Trump is hated in England, and May is not much more popular. They'll eventually be two evil memories to be forgotten.

  16. Tessie May's deal is the only turd in history someone has tried to pass three times.

  17. HuH..Another Un-Elected Western Official …Finally Leaving…No Democracy in Britain…Fascists


  19. Say goodbye to the NHS/Welfare state. Say hello to increased poverty increased crime, homelessness and a lower life expectancy.

  20. Trump be careful because of your actions on North Korea the crisis of world war is increasing more and more. You will push the world for third world war very shortly.

  21. Treresa May,Please help me,refugee

  22. I think Mexico (the guy, not the country) will step up and do what they shoulda' been' done. Like a true hoodlum

  23. All about the Money in London 😛
    They spend the earth resources and tax payers for defending the money not becoming to them 🙁
    Be wised right now……………..
    Not doing well, mean time prohibiding others do something,
    like be scared about the gold ?
    where is the God in this kind of doing like ?
    there is no God !
    Just Devil – greedy shit
    Theresa May is Great and if the people do not see it,
    means they need to do the order by themselves and make it happened,
    other wise be educate – like me feeling confused about the life being right.

  24. Trump is doing a great job at propagating the Russian anti occident message, destroy the EU ! destroy the NATO ! destroy the people confidence is their own democracy ! Destroy all that stand between the little Russia and their pesky ambitions !
    Putin is really getting his money worth !

  25. I bet the @BBC are hating how well Trump has come off to the UK population.

  26. Lovely propaganda exercise; pity both national leaders hate each other, especially when the Brits have been behind the attempted coupe to remove Trump

  27. Jeremy corbyn and Mayor of London not that negative,..What Mr Trump thinks…

  28. UK can be great if she remain in EU

  29. D-DAY AND THE BATTLE OF NORMANDY 75th Anniversary 1944-2019

  30. 、、

  31. Knock knock Who's there?Theresa. Theresa who? That's Politics!

  32. The Biased Broadcasting Corporation

  33. Boris must lead! Sure he can be scatty but it’s about bringing the right people to deal with the right departments

  34. Muslims are jealous

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  36. Contrast between May's and Trump's language is stunning…

  37. May kriecht dem Trump in den Arsch, das ist unglaublich. Auch der EU wollte sie ganz tief in den Arsch kriechen. Ist das das einzige, was sie kann?

  38. National government monies are to benefit the people of the nations; and not to be used to deceive the nations into endless wars for bank loan profits; loss of millions of human lives, and other miseries, as a means of enrichment for private central bankers. As has been the private central banking practice for the last 200 years.and still continues presently, in 2019. All the nations debt clocks should go back should go back to zero and each nation should manage their own government monies in their own public central banks, immediately. The bible tells us that a good money manager will increase the profit of the money entrusted to them. Good government money managers should make sure to increase the benefits for all income levels of their people, from the government monies. The no income and low income people should be provided basic survival needs as: food, water, housing, education, healthcare and transportation from government monies. People are no longer able to gather foods and water; nor build their own homes as we once did in past history; this is the reason these survival needs should be provided by moral governments in our times of 2019 and beyond. The middle and high income people should be provided funding for new business endeavors that benefit themselves and benefit the people; as NASA's search for earth like planets to live on in our future; and other new ideas for business, science and technology with government monies. All new inventions in science, technologies and others should always respect human rights of all mankind; and respect the survivability of earth's environments and polar regions. All income levels of the people should be benefiting from the government monies, wisely managed by noble governments.
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  39. Climate change? Seriously? What a scam. Outrageous.
    Create all these ficticous enemies so people don't pay attention to what they are really up to. If you can't trust someone they must be removed.

  40. The psyop of selling the NHS explained,

  41. The psyop of selling the NHS explained,

  42. The psyop of selling the NHS explained,


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