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Mother Falls to Death From Amusement Park Ride | ABC World News Tonight with David Muir | ABC News

Children and other passengers watch in horror as mother falls from her seat off 14-story high roller coaster. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates from …


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  1. I got on that roller coaster thank god that didn't happened to me that on San antonio

  2. That y I don’t go on roller coaster

  3. Ban assault roller coasters

  4. I'm so glad I can fly.

  5. Six Flags needs to take notes from Cedar Point the Worlds Capital of Theme parks. If you dont want to die. Go to cedar point. That's all I'm saying. And book ahead. The park in Ohio is more popular than ever now and they constantly construct new rides every year. Amazing experience every time.

  6. Someone's about to get sued

  7. That's something everybody who lives there will remember, so horrible!

  8. I never will take my kids to any parks or ride them myself it's a dice roll

  9. She got that 4D experiment

  10. Remember the smiler ride at alton towers injuring those people cuz they were irrisponsiable and kept the ride goin wen it was faulty

  11. I hate when people exploit freak accidents to further their agenda of "STRICT RULES AND REGULATIONS ON ALL THINGS"

  12. To bad it wasn't Christina from phelan .ca

  13. Just imagine yourself being the mom and realizing your falling to your death!!! Damn I think that is what scares me the most. Rip

  14. I wanna go on a roller coaster but I'm too scared now ;-;

  15. And this is why I would never ride a roller coaster

  16. That's why I don't go on rollercoasters

  17. Shit, I would go on any roller coaster compared to going on a ride at any state fair. Case in point look at what happened at the Ohio state fair.

  18. Fuck six flags some shit always happens there

  19. Fuckkk I'm gonna hug my mom

  20. I love rides because of the thrill of possibly dying

  21. My tia fell off a ride at six flags back in the early 2000s. It was not a roller coaster and was not too high, it was a ride call starfish in Vallejo California, it was a pretty fast ride and she was hospitalized.

  22. I was on that ride but it was the one in california

  23. Were there any updates to this story? If your belt opened could u really fall out cause u are deep in your seat. Just curious.

  24. Last summer i was on that ride i almost fell too i was 11 that ride should be banned

  25. I don’t understand. Was she strapped in? Did they forget to buckle her? When you think about it these coasters are run on computers and they can malfunction. I heard a story where they disassembled a coaster one time and then put up somewhere else where this mother and child died. I don’t think this should be allowed especially if it’s transplanted

  26. This is why you will find me on the carousel…

    No, That's Too Scary ;-;

  27. 🙁 omg not a thrill worth taking.. Thrills that can lead to death. Sorry for her children n family. R.I.P.

  28. they are safe…generally speaking…

  29. That was so horrible.

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