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Impact Asia with Mishal Husain – BBC World News

Global news as it affects audiences in Asia. Mishal Husain presents breaking news , debate and analysis, using the full range of BBC Correspondents from the …



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  1. Mishal is gorgeous

  2. ഷിബു(ആധാർ നമ്പർ:528634293804) ആൻഡ് മിഷേൽ ഹുസൈന് ആൻഡ് Jennifer and ..ECT women Marriage To World Government Special Law Act. World Scientific my Life Time Project

  3. She's Porki

  4. Hi guys. Can someone tell me where I can see all her interview with Asian people? I am learning English in her talk. It is better to see with English Subtitle.

  5. @fonzi0was0cool Heheh. Gays have a weird sense of humor tbh. It's true she's a fierce competition for other people who are interested in men, but that's no reason to become so caustic towards her. Be a sport!

  6. @kenfig Heheh. If you can't help being surprised at a northern man who thinks a woman like Mishal Hussein is so very beautiful, I'm not particularly surprised to find out your mother and father were closely related.

  7. @kenfig Unlike you, apparently. Reading comprehension is challenging to some. One of the reasons why inbreeding in humans really needs to be opposed.

  8. @fonzi0was0cool Heheh, dude, you seem to be so very obsessed with homosexuality, it is very suspicious. Are you sure you're not one yourself? It's ok, just come out of the closet, it's the year 2011. There's nothing to be ashamed of!

    Don't worry, I won't steal any of your men. Your sisters, on the other hand… 😉

  9. I had a big crush on this woman years ago when she did the news at 6:00 pm (In Canada).

    For any fans of hers or BBC documentary fans, she made an excellent documentary about Gandhi. called ¨The Making of Mahatma¨

  10. She is lush

  11. islamic arrogance Ooooooozes from this woman!!!

  12. @fonzi0was0cool Uh, I'm a guy with blond hair and blue eyes actually.

  13. Gorgeous woman with great class.

    I used to watch BBC World religiously for two reasons– the content of its quality and Mishal Husain. Today, I watch it religiously for Mishal Husain alone.

  14. Whoever this "Hussain" you are talking about is, doesnt matter now. Cause Saddam already soiled the name "Hussain." So, sorry, even though there once lived a Hussain who did good things, I just cant get these memories off of my head whenever I hear the his name!

  15. I'd fairly BBC her News, wha wha!

  16. It is not all changing for the good!

  17. Boring!!! Would never watch her show even if you'd pay me!!

  18. I thought she was a good correspondent ………

    then she came back from the US.

  19. Hmm… looks like I've accidentally clicked on an advert…

  20. mishal hussein is the best.

  21. ma daj ne seri!!!

  22. There are memories linked to most people surnames! but the most important thing is to know where that name started off and the character of that person. If you do research/study a bit deeper you will find out who was HUSSAIN. (A character, who scarified his life and the whole family for the sake of humanity ref: 1400years ago in Kerbala!)

  23. It does and it's good!

  24. She´s ok, i guess. The only thing I dont like is her surname! it brings back memories………

  25. State television – the BBC – telling us what to think and what to believe once again.
    No thanks, Aunty beeb, I can make my own mind up.
    By the way, Mishal, when did you have your chin/jaw 'done'?

  26. It isn't listed and when I asked the person on the other end, they didn't have any idea what I was talking about: Minimum wage intelligence it seems.

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