How To Increase Your Credit Score

Hey guys! Today’s video is an important one. Today I will be going over how to increase your credit score or how you can build your credit , the easy way. I will be …



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  1. Do a beard trim tutorial.

  2. I just got an email today about my excellent credit score. So happy about my life being easier and less expensive now! 🙂

  3. Hey, could you make a video on what should be done if you have collections and how to fix your credit in that case? I ask because unfortunately, I went past due/have unpaid debt so now I'm stuck at a 450 credit score and things look bleak. Cheers man and thanks for all of your content.

  4. Having a good credit score makes it so much easier when dealing with apartments, real estate, etc. and more people need to know how to improve theirs! I'm glad you covered this topic!!

  5. Hi JJ. Thanks for the video. I wanted to touch on the last point you made. I also use Credit Wise through my Capitol One card. I just bought a car last week and I was real upset to find out my FICO score with TransUnion (the one my credit union pulled) was over 100 points lower than Credit Wise was showing. I still got the loan with my place but that really makes me wonder what is going on. The finance person had my FICO gave it to me and even said I never saw one with that big of a difference. I always heard they may be off by a few points but not that much. I do know Credit Wise uses the Vantage 3.0 scoring model. I really would like to know why such a big difference if you have any thoughts on that.

  6. Awesome tips JJ! We are currently shopping for mortgage rates and I'm really seeing a difference in how our credit score helps get us a lower rate!

  7. After I learned what a credit score was i opened up a secured credit card to start building it up. Thanks for sharing this information it is essential!

  8. Great video. Quick question, which credit cards are best used for travel rewards?

  9. My buddy just paid someone $90 for this same advice lol that's like half what you spend per month on beard oil xD

  10. It's a consumer dispute that you can use to notify the bureaus of an error.

  11. Another fun credit card “hack” is to pay down the balance to 1-3% of the credit card limit BEFORE the statement date. THEN pay it off in full. Two payments per month. This will show the credit bureaus when the statement date comes around that you have low utilization (1-3% of total) which looks very favorable. This helped me really crank up my credit score 20-30 points in a couple months before getting a mortgage. It is annoying to do but if you need a quick boost it definitely works!

  12. Get a credi…*Dave Ramsey wants to know your location*

  13. My kind of video 😉

  14. Nice I think capital one uses the VantageScore 3.0 model and not the FICO I think you should do a next video FICO vs VantageScore

  15. I’ve seen how the score can speed up the application process for an apartment. Even if one’s salary doesn’t meet the requirement perfectly… landlords are looking at other things as well, such as savings, Credit score, income from side hustles, investments etc

  16. Debt is good or bad depending on the purchase. Though both can lower your credit score, good debt can help build wealth in the long run. Thx for sharing your tips on credit!

  17. Getting close to 10K! Keep going JJ!

  18. I love debt score! Kidding – have a great day man.

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