How to Choose Where to Go on Your Europe Trip

The 2nd video in the Europe Trip Planning Series– I’m teaching you how to decide which destinations to visit on your Euro trip . I talk about the maximum number …


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  1. Hey I am planning to visit europe next year in feb. I am a football fan and want to start my trip by visiting manchester united first. After that I want to cover ireland for my love of irish beers, then to amsterdam, italy and spain and portugal. Can you help me in planning my trip may be. And tell me what things I should be mostly careful about?
    p.s loved your video

  2. Do you have any suggestions for longer term stays (around 3 months)? I've never been to Europe before and am terrified of making the wrong choice since I plan to stay in each place much longer than just a few nights, to truly experience what it's like, and to get work done. Appreciate any help!!!!

  3. Useful info and not too long. Thanks!

  4. Spain, Greece, Turkey and Portugal are pretty cheap.

  5. I think that's the probpem most non-european's have when coming here; they expect to zip all over the continent whilst forgetting that it is rather large. Although the country sizes are small when compared to the likes of the US and Canada, they really add up when you try to get around all of them in one trip, as you pointed out in your video.

  6. Great advice. I am Czech and I would also recommend to choose some reasonably small area to explore…. Like Spain, Portugal…. Croatia, Greece, Montenegro….. Or Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary….Italy is wonderful and rich for cultural and natural places itself just like France. Europe is too big to try to see everything in few weeks simply…. Scandinavia is completely different and huge for exploration.

  7. Hi im planning to go for 30days..whr should i go?

  8. My itinerary May to July 2 months. Berlin Prague Vienna Bratislava Budapest Ljublijana Zagreb Split Sarajevo Mostar Dubrovnik Kotor Tirana Durres Ohrid Skopje Sofia Velikotarnovo Bucharest Brasov Bucharest. Wouldn't break a bank. Don't go to Western Europe in Summer. Nightmare

  9. Hey hi…i have been to London n scotland last year…next year we are planning for europe trip…from india.. Paris n Switzerland are like must see…what other places should we cover for a 15 days trip? I wanna see all but practically not possible…please guide

  10. I really want to go to prague and Krakow. Does anyone know of these two cities are cheap or expensive?

  11. I live in Finland and I think Portugal is a very good place to go. Lots of beautiful and colourful old arcitecture, beaches and the countryside is also very historic for me since I live in a very modern country. Porto for city trip and Alentejo for beaches/nature.

  12. Hi, im planning for a 15 days road trip. Which route and countries would you recommend for a filmmaker like me ? I need only scenic planning

  13. Kindly suggest nice villages and cities in schengen zone.would be travelling in October and whats the mode of transportation is chaeaper? On a budget trip. thank you

  14. Flying to London mid May. I have booked the first five nights at Mimi’s Soho Hotel in London. The sixth day we go by Euro star to somewhere in Belgium or Amsterdam who knows?! We will do eight days of free independent travel, and I’d like to rent a car for some countryside rides for a few days at least. Then back to London for two days to sort of decompress and relax then fly back to Charlotte home. We have no intention of being in a hurry to do anything.

  15. I just wanna go to Russia I would only wanna go to Moscow and Kursk to meet Eva and Polina

  16. Go to istanbul

  17. Hello, i have a course at london in July, form the 9th to the 13th, then i will have from the 14th to the 18th free. And i catch my flight back home on the 19th, from Madrid. WHat would you recommend for the 5 free days i have on a low budget?

  18. In my most recent trip to Europe, I decided where to go by asking myself, "Where haven't I been?" So it was mostly Scandinavia, the Baltics, parts of Eastern Europe, and the "mini-nations" of Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco and Andorra.

  19. thanks for the valuable info. My budget is 1000 US$. I m a bacgpacker. I m from India, want to visit popular sites and offbeat which is sceniclybeautiful in Europe.
    please suggest the itinerary..


  20. Think about inter-railing. You will get a number of free days and half price days (how many depends on the length of your pass). Use the free days for long/expensive journeys (some countries are more expensive to travel in).

    The best thing about inter-railing is getting a sleeper train. Use your free days for this. The two big advantages of this is that it saves you the cost of a nights accommodation and you don't waste a day traveling. Instead you set off in the evening and then wake up in another country which you can start exploring almost as soon as you get off the train. So basically you get more days to do stuff other than travel AND save money. Win win!

  21. What is a low budget

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