FROM FAILURE TO SUCCESS – Most Incredible Story – Rich Roll



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  1. Eckhart Goggins is the man!

  2. When you have surrendered to the higher power of God, things become so easy and effortless.

  3. Had no idea he had that background. Wow!!!

  4. Top lip has left the chat

  5. Started with Goggins but you need some Rich Roll for balance!

    Check out my "couch to 100k" journey!

  6. He'd recover faster if he ate meat

  7. it was fantastic!

  8. When opportunity meets preparation

  9. watching this on acid. crazy

  10. Wearing Nike Shocks lol, weird

  11. 2 dairy commercials during this video.. lol youtube you suck

  12. Like that he talks about all facets of his life, using the principles of his programming.

  13. Amazing story. He has been such an inspiration to me.

  14. Get curious about the world.

  15. Rich is a sick beast.

  16. I loved your autobiography on Audible. Especially the Montgomery donuts escapade, been there,done that,once was enough.

  17. He is amazing.

  18. comment number one hundred

  19. Always known as Rich "Billy Bullshit" Roll at school….. Hence the reason he was also a Billy no mates…

  20. His recovery story seems to change every few years…..

  21. Wow, utterly speechless

  22. This is well done. Thank you MBs

  23. Pain is not something you "push past"…it's some you accept.

  24. When I clicked on this, I half expected to get "Rick Rolled"

  25. background music too loud , lets hear Rich express his message..

  26. Such an inspiring story

  27. Great words. Thank you 🙂

  28. RR ftw

  29. someone stop this background music so we can hear what Rich has to say !

  30. You are great.What you gone through and did to raise your standards are just extraordinary.You came to realise that life is not how it comes but its about discipline actions and push up.Thanks a made it and showing others Its never the end as long as You have the will power and no giving up attitude…

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