European Travel Skills Part I

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | In this first of three shows covering travel skills and tips, we’ll visit the Netherlands and Germany to learn about transportation …



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  1. Great sir….awesome video…

  2. The thing about guidebooks is that everyone has them. So everyone goes to the same places. Meaning it can sometimes be crowded.

  3. Love the bloopers portion! Ricks been helping me plan my travels for years now. Thankx Rick!

  4. Excellent how to do it.

  5. I'm kind of surprised that someone as informed as Rick would ask anyone in the Netherlands if they spoke English. The only person I ever met with poor English was probably a recent immigrant but at least he knew a little Dutch.

  6. humble thanks for the tips…

  7. europe travel rick steves you have a good day today

  8. Get outta here… Rick Steves has a youtube channel? This is sweet!

  9. That's place very Cool, I hope can go there!!

  10. hi very nice trip in europ

  11. I was in Amsterdam just a couple of years ago and I can assure you everybody accepts visa …. it’s so much easier than carrying cash

  12. Great!!! I wanna to travel like you.

  13. Rick, Budget Friendly is Not the Hotel Ambassade, That's $300 a night. Come On Rick, you can do WAY better than that!

  14. AMAZING !!!

  15. Ya you will take home a contact high and drug test failure.

  16. Rick Steves. you the best , man. Lol

  17. love it …

  18. Thank you so much. Just back from Amsterdam and this video really helped. God Bless.!

  19. Lotsa of money, needed in Europe.

  20. ummmm…..hey rick….that bull run scene didnt look to fun…that dude got stomped hard!!!!!!!

  21. Did you get consent to film the prostitutes?

  22. I watched his shows and hoped that once day I would had traved like him back late 1990's. Now I am still dreaming and watching him again on youtube.

  23. Jame Blunt is a waiter at 5:23

  24. เนสท์นิศาชลลอนดอนเนสท์นิศาชล

  25. very sweet man! i love that europeans love and use all fresh and local! America needs to learn

  26. Love the Way Rick Stve Covers Every Detail on his Trips. That is why he is the BEST. IMHO.

  27. Don't Agree with the marijuana smoking on public because I don't like the Smell of it. But that means I will Not Eat in some Places.

  28. thanks rick we need more vidio in EUROPE

  29. Yeah his favorite souvenir. Several tokes on his favorite bud.

  30. He is traveling light because be ditched the wife. He is now a solo operator.

  31. Amsterdam.

  32. Since it's saver to have no cash in your shop (theft-wise), more and more places only allow credit or debit card payments! Public busses in Amsterdam also don't accept cash any more since there were a couple of robberies on busses.

  33. Wow, these shots are amazing!

  34. This is very good info. thank you

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