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  1. end was the funniest part of the stream

  2. Was listening during work

  3. Lucky bastard s wish we were there

  4. hi on telegram I am unable to find your spreadsheet  thanks very much !   : )

  5. Till da end boys.enjoy the cruise

  6. if the trip is anything like the ending you guys already won

  7. Love that your in Majorca has market turns bullish. Perfect enjoy guys.

  8. Davinci is always shorting I don't get it. It's almost like he'd rather be surprised that it goes up

  9. good to see this two dowgz outside!

  10. Reminds of the movie "Gone Fishing"

  11. What do you think of facebooks global coin will the public be able to buy it and we're can you buy it.What do you think the starting price will be.Do you think they will offer a discount at first. Also do you think they will offer any Airdrops. Please let me know you're thoughts

  12. Davinci is from the old garde like me, i remember the old days people that Listend to him are verry wealthy in this days.and im sure Davinci is the father of a lot of Whales  (Y)  i have been in the same place as you guys, its verry Beaytifull there,  1Tip for you 2   Rent a Atv and discover the Country you see places you never come normally, and its alot of Fun  🙂

  13. spot on

  14. You're awesome man! Thank you for what you're doing!!

  15. still there at the end

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  17. DAVINCI!!!!!! This guy is the OG

  18. hang on didnt you say wait for the 8400 level for a short?

  19. Get free bitcoin click this link you get some btc

  20. Malle ist nur einmal im Jahr!

  21. deception

  22. с меня лайк

  23. lmao fun life

  24. I told you guys few months ago, watch LTC, and I still do !

  25. I watched til the end.

  26. Can you look at primexbt and do a review of the platform?

  27. Bitcoin went up again! 😉

  28. davinci is the ladies man, watch out hes a tiger

  29. haha trouble finding the mouse! looking good guys, great video!

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