Credit Karma : should you use it?

Taking a look at one of the most popular credit score tracking services, Credit Karma. How good is Credit Karma and is it right for you? WANT TO SUPPORT THE …


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  1. I use credit karma, credit sesame, wallet hub, and Cap1 creditwise on a regular basis. My scores with them are basically all the same. 628-631.

  2. I don't need this shit i am so fucking good yeah I pay my bills but my food but yo i am a money horder so and I don't fuck with loans why I don't do loans I save my own damn money buy what i need pay my bills and one day save money for my own damn property some day and shit I am so close to get a trailer if i.wanted too damn i am so fucking good so fuck ur credit my credit save's money

  3. Hey! Michael Stevens from Vsauce and Brain Candy is reviewing credit monitoring services!

  4. thank you for your honesty and good information!

  5. Credit karma,is a organization that advertises credit cards and uses your credit to advise you to get more credit cards ,loans,but truly is only putting people dip in the hole,of debt , the only ones that win in this situation are the creditors, because they make money of you, therefore credit karma is an app that the creditors build to get people to apply for credit cards , there is no help,is a trap,becarefull, to build strong credit all you need is 2 credit cards, but if you want to damage your credit, take credit karma advise and keep on applying for credit cards, until you owe money to everyone, creditors are your most dangerous enemies when it comes to credit, they do not care, they will kill your good credit on a second, do not trust credit karma,use it but do not follow their advise about applying for credit cards ,do not get your self in debt

  6. Christ! Could you just give an opinion without a half our of bla bla.

  7. My credit union says the same thing about credit karma it's not accurate

  8. So if Credit Karma scores are off where are they getting their information from? is it not from Transunion and Equifax?

  9. Credit karma is good. How I got my score to 820 in 2days by deepwebsolution007 @gmailcom

  10. Credit Karma is extremely accurate.
    However, that’s not to imply that CK score will match your FICO score because most likely it won’t, but that’s OK.
    You must understand that Credit Karma uses the Advantage score model which is not the same as a FICO score model, so naturally the two scores will be different.
    Implying that Credit Karma is inaccurate because your score there doesn’t match your FICO score is like implying the Russian alphabet is wrong cause it doesn’t match up with the American one.

  11. I use credit Karma is a good place to monitor your credit it tell you how well your paying your bill on your accounts its works for me. I bought a new Suv payed it off never missed a payment it was all green check marks it works for me.

  12. Ok what is a credit score site or app you would recommend?

  13. That’s exactly why they are Free….Because the numbers are way OFF!

  14. I definitely was one of the Credit Karma users that thought my score was higher but it was like 30 points lower, which I found out when I went to go finance a car (ps I couldn't finance the car, my score was too low lol) I'm a total newbie with my credit so, lesson learned, but yeah I'm not gonna follow their number anymore.

  15. Like most, I use Credit Karma to monitor the fluctuations of my credit score. For me, it's only been inaccurate by a few points (not to discredit the more crazy inaccuracies). And overall, the interface and features that it offers are simple and inviting which is great for me who, as a 22 recent college grad, have only a small grasp on understanding my finances.

  16. Can Credit Karma tell you if someone is stealing your identity and took a loan out in your name?

  17. Credit Karma is the BEST!!!!!!

  18. Where do you live? Are you married?

  19. I use credit karma. I have found it to be fairly accurate. The credit tracking tools built into my chase bank acount reflects the same changes, but CK offers a more detailed view of my C history.

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  22. credit karma does have accurate info on my debts and their credit score is based on the vantage score not FICO like most lenders use. Credit karma just uses a different credit scoring model, thats why the scores are different. Everything else is accurate and I like their credit card recommendations

  23. You look like VSauce

  24. My mistakes were all because I was stupid. You give good advice. I never realized that credit scores would be so important for getting a job. In my industry if you have bad credit you get the boot.

  25. Put a link up to that sweater you are wearing. I like it.

  26. Credit Karma told me if my score wasn't above 740, no girl will sleep with me and I'll never get all the gadgets we all borrow money for.

  27. I used to love credit karma. But sometimes they are inaccurate. I got an email that I fell behind on credit cards payments by a certain bank. Then i check my bank because I ALWAYS pay on time and there was no missed payments. So I was all stressed out for no reason which pissed me off. Then a few hours later I look at my credit karma account and it says I have perfect payment history. No shit! Not sure what their website is smoking.

  28. Credit Karma uses Vantagescore, not FICO. That's why the scores are different.

  29. Credit Karma lists my Trans Union & Equifax scores at 770 + … The mortgage company lists the SAME companies at 790+!! I understand mot every company lists with every Credit Bureau so each Bureau might be slightly different… but SHOULDN'T an EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN or TRANSUNION SCORE be the SAME … REGARDLESS of WHO pulls it!?

  30. UwU hi Michael

  31. Man love credit karma they gave me some good credit score ITS GREEEN AF

  32. this is all made up numbers anyways to me really. i don't know why everyone needs credit. should the fact that someone has no credit say something? they pay for everything with the money they have without having to have a credit card or borrowing money. that should be something that matters. it don't though and i was made to get a credit card 2015. i use it to pay cell phone every month and that is all. on creditkarma my score is 729 transunion, 723 equifax. how good is that who knows. i don't really care about it and still don't know why some dumb number from using a credit card means anything to anyone. still would rather be using this thing. what makes one way to calculate more right then another? they all use the same info which i have no idea where it comes from to get some number that people seem to think is so important.have you thought maybe the way the place you work calculating score is the wrong way if everywhere is starting to use vantagescore 3.0? credit karma, credit cards and stuff are using this so why haven't other places changed to it? is it because the other ones usually show a lower score the reason they still want to stay fico or whatever they use now? why don't they have a way to check the score useing the other systems then if it is this big a deal? it must not really be if all these places seem to be using vantagescore 3.0.

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