BITCOIN $10,000 in June ? – Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News 2019

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  2. The crypto world is really the amazing one. Bitcoin could reach that and even get pass but one entry is very important. I believe now is a very good time t get in most cryptocurrency. Mine is XLM, VEIL, CMT and ETH. These I've filled my bags with and ready for their massive upward movement

  3. Thanks for your wonderfull work for us.

  4. Few months ago bo polny said 10k in june and now you said it again.Hope it.will be a reality soon.

  5. ONT beginning to pump. If looking for one that is ready to jump

  6. Hi, nice video. But don't you take into account the Weekly candles (doji and now the engulfing candle) and the different bearish signs which suggest BTC might correct more or go sideway (RSI pointing downward, MACD down on the daily also…? On the daily we see a downtrend channel too even if the 7450 – 7500 support holds nicely right now (It is also a .618 retacement from the last swing). My elliott wave count suggest we are also in a corrective wave and if we compare to the lenght of the 2 we might correct till the end of the month. But I do agree with you about the use of channel to identify opportunities in shorts and longs for day trading. My point is to ask you if there is a different scenario possible?
    Thank you for your video. I really like them.

  7. put in $96k and have earned over $470k from investing into trading crypto, having a trading expert whom I met at a trading conference and she handles my trades. if interested you can reach her via crypto4charlotte at gmail. com

  8. Always a pleasure to see your assessments
    At some point I will apply to take your courses. I can see it’s very valuable. But what is the cost.. because I will have to save up in advance to plan. Thank you in advance please

  9. This is nice.. Kudos. We could still see bitcoin at $10,000. June is not ended yet. Am looking into other altcoins as well. Ethereum is my number, followed by Ripple, then Veil and Harmony.

  10. Your TA is outstanding bro. thnks for sharing

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