8 Mistakes Not to Make When Planning a Europe Trip

Planning a trip to Europe? These are the most common mistakes that people make when planning their Euro trip . I’ve travel ed Europe quite a bit so I’m telling …


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  1. How is the weather like in September?

  2. If you go to the less popular place, what’s the point of going? Why go to Italy and avoid the coliseum, Sistine chapel etc. These are places you dream of seeing first hand

  3. Is early September a good time to travel to Europe assuming that we plan to cover Paris, London, Amsterdam and Switzerland? What are your recommendations for August last week travel?

  4. Bologna is wonderful, highly recommended

  5. Good suggestions! I've been to Rome, Northern Italy twice and Lugano, Switzerland twice the last week of May and the first two of June. I'm so glad we went at that time of the year before the crowds and the heat arrived and that we did, just like you say, a few days in each city and day trips instead of trying to visit many countries in just 2-3 weeks. This year I was tempted to do a couple of other countries in August but after watching this I think I'll just postpone it to the first two weeks of November. I hope it's not too cold in Germany, which is one of the countries we want to visit this time. Northern Italy is a must for any trip we make to Europe ( I just love that area). Any suggestions?

  6. I am going to Urop in this April so it's good and what should I buy in Urop different cities please tell me famous things to buy I am Indian I am going to travel forein first time can you help me to make this trip memorable for me

  7. Any tips on safe ways to meet people in London while traveling alone? Would love to find people to try restaurants and explore with when I come this summer.

  8. how could be the division of 10 days between paris&interlaken-jungfrau(switzerland)

  9. i’m going with my uncle so is it safe to bring my phone?

  10. I am strong believer in checking out kitch. Take a gondola ride. Kiss the Blaney stone. Go for the kitch.

  11. I am planning a 10 day trip to Europe. My base will be in London, but I am also planning to visit other destinations. On my list, are Edinburg, Paris, Cologne, Amsterdam, and Brussels. Whha are your suggestions? I am planning on flying to Edinburg and use the rail system to visit mainland Europe.

  12. i want to go on a trip to europe but not stay in any hotel whatsoever. i will travel with eurail program so i will have time to sleep in the train. Do you think its possible to stay in the streets for about 10-15 days?

  13. Hi Jess. I really appreciate all the work you do in providing us with information on London & Europe. Came in handy on my last trip in June 2018. Will be going again in 3 months.

  14. I plan on going to London at the end of March for like 2 weeks . I’m just waiting on to get approved on tickets the main reason of why I’m going (Arsenal FC Emirates Stadium) What’s weather like around that time ?

  15. Going in May 2019 to London and Venice How’s the weather like? @Love and London

  16. How’s Europe in Nov ?

  17. I started planning a 3 week trip in fall or winter 2019 and I'm having trouble deciding which places I'm visiting and which ones I'm giving up, any recommendations?

  18. Which are the best places to visit in Europe in February ?

  19. I am planning Europe tour in this November is it the right time and how to manage travel from one country to other

  20. How is weather in march for europe travel with 1.5 year old baby

  21. goodness me, your jump cuts in your videos are nauseating, I like your channel content but I'm not subbing because the jump cuts don't give me any time to absorb the info

  22. thanks very helpful

  23. How bad of an idea is going there from may 23 to June 13?

  24. I'm going on november. Hope it wont be too crowded

  25. Planning to visit Greece in the month of February. please suggest me weather i should visit this place or not.

  26. How about Central Europe in 22march to 31st March???

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