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TOP-SECRET KITCHEN IDEAS Check out this video to learn brilliant cooking tips! You will find cool egg recipes that you totally should try. Eggs contain a lot of …


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  1. wow nice

  2. 5-minutes craft:*made cooking videos
    how to basic:

    hold my eggs

  3. Why do you need all of these fancy “hacks” when you could just eat scrambled eggs and bacon? ^^

  4. 2:48
    Who has that many eggs

  5. 14:30 what if you need your pen

  6. 13:46 or clean your fridge

  7. 5minute craf bagus

  8. Birdaha asla yumurta gormek istemeyenler:)

  9. whats with y'all and eggs.

  10. I pledge to watch these life hacks and never try this in real life

  11. هو ده اندومي

  12. I have a new name for this channel 5- useless things no one asked for

  13. parcel please …

  14. I love him

  15. Did 5 minute crafts expect this vid to go viral because of the eggs?

  16. Wow wow

  17. @9:18 it’s all fun and games until you get deep throated by and icicle

  18. Please mention the things because we dont found such vegetables and things in india

  19. roses are red
    violets are red
    everything is red
    my garden is on fire
    help me

  20. From the cover I know basically everybody knows

  21. 5:50 that just looks terrible

  22. Monyet hanah

  23. 0:49 their was an eggshell

  24. nice life hacks

  25. Some hacks are really but some are not

  26. Wow :3

  27. que bosttta

  28. *How to basic enter the chat*

  29. Me"hmm I want parsnip waiiit what is parsnip"

  30. Who noticed at 2:19 when there was egg shell in the first egg they put in

  31. BR???

  32. Who owns this channel

  33. Who owns this channel

  34. My friend that is allergic to eggs joins the chat

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