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VIRAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS We love science experiments because it’s the best way to entertain friends and spend a very boring evening. Besides, all the …


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  1. can drink the transparent soda

  2. In the first hack is the blue egg really healthy???

  3. I swear half of these hacks they are saying are fake are ones they've made up themselves

  4. And this is useful because…

  5. I dont get these hacks

  6. Video teleport:no,it’s a clickbait,don’t watch!

  7. bagus vilem nya❤

  8. 10:01 sounds like the song is saying the ingredients lol

  9. Life hacks are supposed to be useful right?

  10. I’m not shocked

  11. 2:18 it is due to law of inertia….isn’t it

  12. These aren’t even life hacks if they are you should eaten every single food item after

  13. How are these life hacks? I feel like they are just wasting eggs.

  14. Nice. I love it.

  15. I don’t imagine eating charcoal would taste very good, I mean I can see The hatred in her eyes!

  16. Moi la battrie 3

  17. 4:40 seriously ? you eat activated charcoal and dry ice? specially charcoal ?

  18. Niyabba yenni sarlu pettinawe pedthavra…badkq

  19. Ok can ask a question can activated charcoal can be eaten

  20. I watched all the videos in this channel and I learned a lot from here. This channel always teaches us to do something good. This channel's subscribers and very good. If you want to see this topic in detail, then you can follow me.

  21. 5:00 Doesn't it affect taste?

  22. Those eggs have been through a lot

  23. Why are you posting same video again and again??????

  24. Isso ganha 100 K por dia

  25. my mom say is all fake

  26. 卵が勿体無い

  27. Sub to sub

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