Life Hacks


Most life hack s don’t REALLY help in real life situations. That’s why I set out on a journey to find the most efficient life hack s. Thanks …



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  1. My 6168th time watching this, never gets old OH YEAH!

  2. Was that h3?

  3. Im so glad this doesn't become demonitiesd

  4. THANKS LIFE HACKS! The police finnaly stopped following me

  5. That ravioli shit was gross as FUCK but i couldnt stop laughing

  6. 2:43 When the school shooter gets to the top of the roof,2:48 when he sees all the people and gets ready….

  7. Ravioli, ravioli, what’s in the pocketoli

    ~filthy frank

  8. 30k people who disliked this video have no sense of humor or are easily digusted

  9. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

  10. 2:13 = BOGOR

  11. we miss you filthy frank :''(

  12. still relevant after 4 years

  13. My braincells ate depleted

  14. 4:00 definition of minding your own business

  15. This video would be taken down so quickly if it was posted in 2019

  16. WTF Did i just watch

  17. This helped out in so many aspects of my life

  18. Damn… what if he commited suicide? 🙁

  19. 3:20 he looks so done with frank's bullshit

  20. Mad it's not helpingfull

  21. its allways getting better and better! bless papa franku!

  22. I wonder if Franku had the balls to actually kill that hamster

  23. the remote has no batteries

  24. 3:15 the dude doesn't even care lmao

  25. O H Y E A H !

  26. 6:58
    when my mom bought me a shirt

  27. I miss you every day

  28. 2019?

  29. 4:20 how does he not feel any shame

  30. I've tried the hamster life hack and my stupid hamster ruined my sock!

  31. 1:52 I like this hack

  32. Pro life hack: if your about to sit on the toilet and you see there's no toilet paper, just reinforce the tube with hand sanitizer, lemon juice, and spikes and shove it up your ass. Now when you take your shit, there's nothing to wipe! (I am not responsible for any anal bleeding, puncturing, or permanent damage)

  33. Just Kill Them

    The answer too everything

  34. 5:35 that god damn chef CD

  35. O H Y E A H!!

  36. Did rich Brian participate here

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