VA Home Loan Buyer Secrets and Process – 10 Things You Need to KNow


1. Are you eligible – DD214 – COE- FUNDING FEE %

2. 100 %- $424,100

3. I don’t need money?- GIFT , Seller Paid

4. Property Types- SF, Townhome, 2-4 Units, Modular, Manufactured, Condo


6. Credit – 580

7. Full Entitlement Restored- Sell current

8. Can have two VA loan s at once

9. VA Appraisal

10. Refinance is available

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Alexa Price
Loan Consultant
NMLS# 365905
2963 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Suite 120
Clearwater, FL& 33759Phone: 727.409.3869
Fax: 855.461.8021
Email: Alexa.Price@caliberhome loan

Please watch: “Selling My Home For More Introduction”



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  1. I hate how one second your voice is high and I can hear you then it dips down and I have no idea what you just said. Try an even consistant tone.

  2. Hello, and thank you for the info videos,
    Regarding #7 and #8 having an already existing VA loan when attempting to purchase a second property, would I be able to use the VA to purchase a second property once I have completed paying the first one; and so on and so forth?, because the video explain that the lender IS able to buy a property w/ four existing dwellings while living in one of them. Per the VA Home Loan Eligibility literature, it states "…The home must be for your own personal occupancy." Hence, my question of buying a second property once I have repaid in full the first one.

  3. Do you have any associates in GA I can speak to about this??

  4. Alexa and staff, I wish I had known about this 18 years ago. My husband and I are both Veterans and finances thru a bank and almost lost out home. Our parents were wonderful enough to help us out. They don’t tell you these things when you get out of the military and when you are already dealing with medical issues.

  5. can you do a cash out refinance?

  6. 1:53 Yeah, supposed to cost nothing… the mortgage broker I’m trying to buy my house through wants me to send them a check to pre-pay for an appraisal, but they also want me to sign a form saying they haven’t requested any funds for anything (it even says “such as an appraisal” on the paperwork!). Not happening. I will gladly pay for the appraisal when it is done, but I’m not going to send the broker an $800 check to cover it beforehand after signing a document swearing otherwise. I’m giving them a few days to come up with a better solution or I’m finding a different broker.

  7. Great information, but please tell the woman to stop lowering her voice down to a whisper when she's making a point or ending a sentence.

  8. Are there lenders that are more favorable than others for veterans? Does the VA loan work for buying property? Thanks.

  9. Thanks this content is still evergreen and fresh!

  10. When can i use my va loan after basic training?

  11. How long do you have to be in the military to use a va loan?

  12. Hmm, I'm using my VA Loan as a VA Construction Loan. Meaning instead of purchasing a home already built I'm having one completely built from the ground up the way I want it . The VA doesn't necessarily have a credit score requirement but the lender has one. Yes, You can buy a house with a low score but you will pay more for mortgage. If you have a credit that is 740 and above you are good to go. The lender will do a pre-approval check on your credit score and history just to make sure you can afford to buy the house or have one built. Based on your credit score it will determine how much the lender will approve you towards your new home.
    Once that is done the realtor's will know you are serious buyer and start showing you homes left and right. Oh, Remember one thing…Once you have the pre-approval do not start buying things for your house or buy another car because this will affect your credit score. The lender will do another credit check at the end before they give you your keys to the house to make sure your credit hasn't changed. If your credit score goes down and you can no longer afford the house you will not be able to buy the house.
    Back to VA construction loans…If you are a Veteran that owns a piece of land and wish to build a house on it you can do it. There are lenders that put the money upfront and combine the land and the mortgage together into one loan. Remember it is better for you if own a piece of land because it will not be added into the loan only if you don't own the land it will then be added within the loan.
    Also depending where you wish to live will determine whether or not the land will cost more or less. Once the land is purchased for your new home then you will need to talk to an Architect and then the builder. Once the builder has the information from the Architect he will determine how long the process will take to build (between 6 to 9 months).
    You can come buy from time to time to inspect your new home while it is being built to make sure it's being built correctly to your satisfaction. Buyers tend to make changes in their home on the fly. Depending on which materials you want in your house for the floors, counterops, if you want a deck, pool, or what not will either increase the loan or decrease the loan amount.
    Do not take the builders word when he says everything is up to code. Once the walls are up you will not be able to see the inside. Once you have finally signed the papers and you receive the keys to your new house any problems that you didn't catch during the building phase is now your problem.
    As I get older I just want a single level house with a truly open floor plan with tile wood flooring throughout the house except in the bathrooms with 2-3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. I don't want to have to climb upstairs when I'm older only to fall down and break my hip. Just one more thing…yes you can be approved for a loan with low credit score as I said before but it will also determine how much money you will receive towards a house to buy. Also your debt to ratio also determines how much money the lender will lend you. This is the most uptodate credit scoring that most lenders follow: 300-549 is bad or poor credit, 550-619 is subprime, 620-679 fair credit, 680-739 good credit, 740-850 excellent credit.
    So even if you have excellent credit score and you are struggling to pay your debts you might be approved for a small loan amount. If you have excellent credit and you don't have any debts you will most likely be approved for a higher loan amount. Some Veterans I know had fair credit and where only approved for 140k towards a house far less then what they expected. Also remember whomever is going to pay for the mortgage have to have their credit checked and they take that under consideration when determining the loan amount you receive. If one person has excellent credit and the other has poor or fair credit really affects everything. Try to improve your credit score before doing a pre-approval first because each time they check your credit score affects your credit. When you check your credit score it is okay but when the lender checks it is counted as a hard inquiry. I hope I have provide everyone with enough information moving forward in purchasing your new home.


  14. You should never suggest someone borrow against the 401k. That generates an penalty that they have to pay up to 50%

  15. dude I'm a veteran that was a machine gunner speak up

  16. Can you use the VA home loan to do upgrades around the house? Such as new floors, new counter tops, new paved drive way, fixing a pool

  17. Some of her information is wrong

  18. Can I have a co-signer with a VA loan?

  19. I opted a Loans via this firm at 3% interest rate per annul,
    Contact Email:

  20. Why show your zoot, high-finish office and then wreck the presentation with ghetto audio? I couldn't hear half of what you were saying, even at .75 speed.

  21. Lenders credit score requirements?

  22. Thank you for this video! It inspired me to create a similar channel for the Pacific NW. 🙂

  23. WOW. Great Info

  24. Can I add a family member to my VA loan

  25. Do you need Loan for individual or corporate concern? Then apply now.All replies should be forwarded to the Company’sEmail: or whatapp :+1 623-232-3563

  26. Can I use you if I'm not buying in Florida?

  27. I can't find a lender. I've talk to so many lenders and they only want to move me into these old, broke down, dilapidated houses that I'd probably kill myself in after living there a month, don't think most these houses i've been shown would even stand up in 30 years…

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