Kanye West – POWER

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Music video by Kanye West performing POWER. (C) 2010 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC


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  2. Creative genius!

  3. Why the hell can’t i listen to this without thinking of Saints Row 3

  4. Saints row 3? But 2019 March

  5. Who remembers this song while plAying saint row

  6. I'm here because of the old invictus ad

  7. Зашел сюда по ностальгировать

  8. who is her in 2020 he is the president btw

  9. 2020?

  10. Saints row the third memory lane

  11. Had 2 be best song on saints row 3

  12. My brother was so raw. Damn I pray he get his soul back!!

  13. No person with the specific gender of male shall discover power of great lengths

  14. Remember seeing this for the first time and being scared as shit

  15. maan I can even feel the power off of the video though it's almost still….. genius

  16. why is it so short?

  17. Anybody wanna replay Saints Row 3?

  18. Saints raw так то пиздатая

  19. This makes me want to play Saints Row the Third.

  20. Lol king crimson steal or reference

    And whe can do the joke about Black People stealing?

  21. Just had to come here after the Sunday service choir

  22. Who still play saints row 3

  23. 2019?#

  24. Luke Cage

  25. gimme an n word pass

  26. Saints Row The Third

  27. saints never die

  28. Don't mind me! Im just waiting to raid a penthouse while everyone's having a good time 🙂

  29. Mamaaaaa

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