5 Simple Tricks to Lower Your Energy Bill 50% or MORE Guaranteed!

These free, quick, and simple tricks are guaranteed to help lower your energy costs by OVER 50%!! We saved 56% after trying these tricks and we expect to save over 75% once we incorporate one more trick. We will show you how to do it!
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  1. Power Efficiency system is help you out for saving electricity expenses, The Power Efficiency Guide is virtually maintenance free.

  2. How about mentioning switching to LED light bulbs throughout the house?

  3. Honestly The key is not SAVING ENERGY it CREATING energy! Check out this link to learn how I started creating my own energy to power my home by using household items and processes that happen every day!!

  4. That's it? I don't even use heat or cooling and my bill is high. I leave the lights off most of the time and cut down laundry to once a day. :[

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  6. What do the blinds from menards look like?

  7. I’m loosing my mind smud was 780$ this month I pay 2200 for rent I can’t afford this new 780$ bill and I can’t eat or do anything else except watch these videos someone please tell me how I can fix this

  8. good tips, a man surely can do this but the girls want it warm, warmer, warmest


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  12. Every water heater has a thermostat. Duh.

  13. Where I live in Massachusetts you can call your electric company and see if they'll come out and do an energy audit and even do some stuff to you for free depending on your income. I live in a townhouse and they got them to come out and do all 56 units for free I got out to a lights I got into a lights I got light bulbs I got my electric heat thermostat all change all for free

  14. I have electric heat does anybody want my bills $365 and I don't even use my dryer. There are people in my condo unit that have 500 to $750 Bill's father Electric. I think I'm doing pretty good considering it's electric. When I first moved in here when my younger one was two weeks all that was 18 1/2 years ago my electric bill was $550 a month to $650 for the winter

  15. I cut 50% in my electricity bill by simply using "candles ".

  16. Reduce your energy bill by building an entirely new home LOL that's what I need anyway cost too much to fix up and patch up and insulate this termite bitten house anyway

  17. Easy. Go on Christmas vacation for two weeks and your January bill will be 50% lower.

  18. The Body is most comfortible at 70 degrees and you will feel a difference 2 degree lower. But a sweater can change the paradigm.

  19. Get a blanket for your water heater it'll keep the temp easier. If it is in a closet insulate that too.

  20. Great video but i would've ate that Dorito.

  21. I have been looking on what the water heater should be on. Thanks so much!

  22. So, what is the best thermostat setting for AC in the summer?

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  24. Here are some more ideas after you implement the ones in the video. We use 78% less electricity than similar houses in our neighborhood according to our electric provider. These ideas aren't free but, quickly pay for themselves and the savings come every month forever.
    1. Attic: radiant barrier and insulation (check you might be surprised at how little you have).
    2. Ceilings: change out old can lights to modern insulated ones and get ceiling fans.
    3. Walls: Double pane low e glass windows and insulated draperies, open drapes for solar gain in the winter and close them against the sun in the summer.
    4. LED lighting: Change out all the incandescent and fluorescent lights in your house to warm or bright white LEDs (the daylight ones are blue and look every strange). You will save a huge amount monthly compared to incandescent and half as much as fluorescent and get better quality instant-on light. Also LEDs add very little heat in the summer as opposed to the others.
    5. Electric Provider: Also we signed up for an electric service that provides free nights. We run our dishwasher, washer, dryer (they all have built in timers) and air conditioner at night (set back thermostat). My husband gets up early and puts the wash in the dryer. Works well. In the summer we use the air conditioner at night to get the house fairly cold and then because of our insulation it stays cool during the day even in south Texas where we live. Happy saving!

  25. I live in Wisconsin and our total LP+electric cost per year is around $2100 for 3,000 sqft. We put our living room electronics and and lights on a switch controlled outlet so they are only "on" when we are using them. We installed more attic insulation, found out our wood stove flu was open when we bought the house, so that is now closed. We closed the air vents in the basement since we don't use it in winter. We have a wifi and programmable thermostat so we can warm the house to 68 before we get home, but otherwise we let it drop down to 55 during the day and at night. And we have heavy curtains on the sliding doors and bedroom windows which really helps! Always on the lookout for more tips, thanks!

  26. Why would anyone put a hot water heater in their home ?

  27. I am an old lady in England. In Winter, I wear a fleece jacket indoors rather than turn up the heating. Every little helps!

  28. You really want to save money, get a flash gas heater. They are super and save way more than anything else you will do.

  29. I get nauseous just watching this thing. Who cares about your big head.

  30. My bill is $60.00 dollars

  31. Just curious but would your tricks work if you don't have gas? My home is full electric and looking on ways to reduce my bill…any suggestions would be helpful

  32. 1 Simple Trick to Lower Your Energy Bill 50% or MORE Guaranteed! – Don't get married… ever.

  33. Wont work here in Ontario Canada. The delivery fee can be higher than the usage. The less energy we use the less income the companies/government makes so all they will do is raise the cost of electricity. No win.

  34. Keeping your hot water heater at or below 120 degrees Fahrenheit will help prevent scalding. Flushing the water heater tank from the drain valve every 6 months will remove mineral deposits and other debris that collect on the bottom of the heater that reduces the efficiency at which the water is being heated. Replacing the sacrificial anode annually (sooner if your water has a high mineral content) will help extend the life of your water heater.

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  36. Condensation creating mold is my issue. In central Michigan, my gas bill in the winter is around $45, electric is $35…covering windows creates condensation and it makes mold. Family of 2 adults, a 4 year old and an 8 month old.

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  38. I didn't save half, where is y $$$

  39. Swap out that tank to a on demand tankless. Get a pellet stove or a wood stove. The on demand tankless doesn't cycle. It's on demand and you never run out of hot water NEVER. That bill would drop even more. Look into it. I have them in house in Maine and nh. Been running them for years with not one complaint. Check it out peeps.

  40. Good day MIgardener! Thank you for the video. There were a couple of things I have added to my winterizing list. 🙂 I had also never placed the insulation strips 'in-between' where the window locks are. That is brilliant. I am definitely trying that! I was wondering about insulation around the gas water heater. That would also help. Yes? Did you post an update with the energy saving blinds for the window?

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