15 Things You Didn't Know About The Renewable Energy Industry

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Renewable Energy Industry | Industry Wednesday
15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Mining Industry:

In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How big is the renewable energy industry?
What is the market cap of the renewable energy industry?
How good is the renewable energy industry?
Is renewable energy worth it?
How to get renewable energy?
What are the best sources of renewable energy?
How far away are we from cities running on renewable energy?
How expensive are solar panels?
How can you get solar panels installed for free?
How much electricity is the renewable energy industry producing?
Which is the biggest company in the renewable energy industry?
Are the any cities running fully on renewable energy?
How polluting is the renewable energy industry?

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Comments (24)

  1. Hey Aluxers, how far do you think we are to a fully green powered Earth?
    Make sure to join
    Industry Wednesdays:

  2. Space based solar power has the unspoken danger of heating the planet with the microwaves beamed down to earth. Also wireless transmision from satelites in space heats up the planet like a microwave which has negative consequences in biological lifeforms. Global warming of the future will be electromagnetic radiation

  3. She mentioned giant wind farms but the uk has the largest wind farm in the ocean

  4. Renewable energy <<CLICK HERE>>@t

  5. "…we analyze…" and yet it's presented as "15 things you didn't know about the…" Gee! How objective! How scientifically valid! NOT!!

  6. Global Renewable Energy Market size is projected to reach approximately $1062.4 billion by the end of 2024 with a CAGR of close to 13.1% from $641.8 billion in 2017 during the forecast timeline 2018-2024.
    Request a sample @

  7. This report is cring-inducing. The part on wind really needs to be informed by someone who knows about the energy industry. happy to help there if you are looking for someone.

  8. it takes more energy to make a wind mill, than what a wind mill can produce. LOL

  9. Wow, so ignore everything else in the video, because 8 makes them all wrong? That was really strange to put in.


  11. Id like to mention that if you do another video on renewable energy, cover energy storage also this video doesn't mention batteries much and their role on grid energy storage and all the future jobs battery related.
    Also the reason ac and refrigerators are warming the planet is that the Refrigerant possesses a potential threat to the environment because it releases chemicals called CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons. This type of chemical compound is monitored by the EPA and must be installed and disposed of in a particular manner to avoid exposure.

  12. My renewable power generations projects are higers than others, i'm looking for partnerships to development

  13. What about energy in Sea waves. It's 3 times in area than land.

  14. It doesnt sound like you know what you are talking about

  15. Every ignores nuclear power

  16. Too many inaccuracies and no evidence. Disliked

  17. Pinch of salt time. Although there is merit in the production and some of the questions this video contradicts it self and doesn't serve all the facts, it only speculates on the information given by sources that may not always be giving the full facts.Renewable energy was cheaper than pulling oil out of the ground in Saudi Arabia a long time ago. Saudi Arabia and all desert based countries could be 100% green in 6 months if they put there back into it. The technologies have been around for a while and its now dirt cheap. The only thing that's lacking is will power. In the case of the Saudis, since their main export is carbon based fuels they are only going to rock the boat so much.In regards to wind power, this becomes cheaper the larger it gets. The UK apparently now operates on an average of 40% renewable energy and the majority of this is from off shore wind. We are NOT drowning in wind turbines and the new turbines that are going up, are in some cases 10 times (or more) powerful, than their predecessors. For precise figures please view the Fully Charged Episode where Robert visits one of the large of shore wind farms near Liverpool.Again, if the UK government got its act together, with large infrastructure investments (well over due), the UK could be 100% green in two years. In the UK grid storage is where the money needs to go. Energy generation will follow swiftly. Most counties in the UK have a grid allocation for renewables which is full, because of this they actively deter people and companies from setting up renewable power generation. The sad reality is in the UK, just like in most places in the world, cost and technology are not the problem, will power is. The UK government would rather invest money into natural gas and ease regulations (not to mention enforce them) in favour of polluting industries such as fracking, not to mention the billions being wasted on nuclear. If global governments were truly interested in saving our global habitat for future generations they would renationalise our grid infrastructure, work in partnership with private firms to upgrade it and have utility firms pay a maintenance charge for the use of the grid. They would de-incentify all carbon fuels like they currently do with renewables such as wind. They could move subsidies away from carbon fuels and plough it straight into grid storage.However, its not all doom and gloom because this video is correct in one respect. The markets are moving and carbon fuel companies are going the way their products went billions of years ago (I'm talking about the dinosaurs). Renewables are here and the market is growing, soon all the 100's of 1000's of small tech start ups will be big enough to off set the job dilemma. Electric cars are here and the tech is evolving at an astronomical rate in direct correlation with the interest and growth in the industry. We could have been green today, we can be green tomorrow, We will be green in 20 years for the most part.

  18. Shit s not working. Germany has nearly 50 percent renewable electric energy, co2 emmsions are rising.

  19. Bullshit. 5 things you don't know about free energy. Galvanized rod copper rod in dirt makes simple battery. You can wire them together. Stubblefield coils produce energy on their own. Air batteries work they pull electricity out of the air. Ground batteries work. With super capacitors free energy for all. Making solar and wind a waste of money. Anyone can power their house out of thin air or dirt. Oops did I just let the secret out. Stubblefield coils in seed of life configuration feed each other.

  20. Renewable Energy is already cheaper, tahts why most new investments are almost just done into them.

  21. A small info slip here.. it is called "Northern Ireland" not north Ireland.. and solar is already cheapest power system as the cost of making them have dropped below Fossil Fuels and their outputs have gone up?  Soon the worlds biggest wind turbines will be built in the north sea of Scotland by the same Dutch firm who built the smaller wind farm out in the north sea 20 years back!  the old wind turbines are being taken down and recycled and the new bigger one which are huge are being put in the same area!  here is a report about it and other systems for the UK. >

  22. Point 8 has no sense, who is gonna believe that the world is gonna rely only and exclusively on wind turbines instead of looking at the entire renewable energy portfolio.

  23. Reneweble energy is already cheaper actually

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