Eps. 167 – Death Insurance


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  2. Wow!! Just wow!! Reciprocity at it’s finest

  3. 2019 is not the year of Check but "CHECKMATE"….LIFE INSURANCE

  4. The Best Yet, Give me more!!!!!

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  6. DEEPEST POD CAST EVER!!!!!! Whoa…am I the only one seeing the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King in this? This brings in such truth that it is literally calling me to be my highest level and gravitate to the highest levels of this organization and build my own empire.

  7. Best Podcast of all!

  8. Executing with that Plan to Prosper Planner and I will be in Dallas April 19-20.

  9. The best podcast episode that I've heard from yall

  10. Is there any way i can get the message on tape of the conference that is coming up in the month of April. I have to work because i don't have the time to take off. But i will pay for the message the team will be pushing.
    Yes sir!

  11. Wow and wow. Thank you.

  12. ET, I am changing the world! What does an ambitious teenager have to do for a 5 min phone interview? This would change my life and I think it could change yours too!

  13. 2019 Goals

  14. Sir, Please add subtitles on your Youtube Video… It's earnest request to you for foreigners!!

  15. This has got to be the BEST podcast I have EVER heard! Thank you so much for sharing like you do! I'll see you in Dallas.

  16. ET, is Dallas April 18, 19, and 20th, or April 19th and 20th?

  17. @etthehiphoppreacher How do I get these tickets?

  18. Not done with this episode yet but I have to comment. Thank you guys for this episode. The college scandal story has fired me up as well.

  19. Blessings Eric to u and your whole Camp.

  20. 1:16:27 reaaaI stuff right there

  21. I so needed this today!!! Thank you for your consistency

  22. I love this

  23. I've listened to every S2S podcast almost twice and I don't think there was a better Podcast than this one. You guys really touched on the harsh reality of life on this one.

  24. This was a Great Podcast!!

  25. Amen Amen

  26. ET got the keys! U better listen up!

  27. There is no such thing as insurance, the same way there no guarantees.

  28. Let's Go!!

  29. Lovin your podcast ET. #MyPreworkout

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