Don’t Buy a Life Insurance Policy Until You Watch This!

Thinking about buying life insurance ? If you don’t want to get ripped off, or make the dumb mistakes that so many people make every day with their insurance , watch this video BEFORE you buy.

Take a listen to Byron – he knows his stuff – as he shares inside secrets with you that the insurance companies won’t. Once you watch this, you’ll know what you need to know in order to SAVE BIG BUCKS on your next life insurance policy.

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Prefer to read? Here’s the video in words!

Hi. I’m Byron Udell, Founder and CEO of AccuQuote.

As one of the leading life insurance experts…with over 30 years experience in the industry…I’m here to tell you that NOT having life insurance is truthfully…one of the stupidest things on the world to do.

If you DON’T have life insurance , you are leaving your loved ones open to a world of hurt. What if you suddenly died TOMORROW…how would your family get by financially? How would your SPOUSE pay for the mortgage…utilities…health care…your kids’ college tuition, etc.?

Think about it.

Now…do the right thing.

Hey, EVERYBODY needs life insurance . It’s one of the SMARTEST things you can do for yourself…and your family.

Life insurance turns pennies into dollars when your family needs it the most.

Why would you NOT want to buy this product?


But before you DO buy life insurance …let’s talk.

First off, you have to figure out what KIND of life insurance best suits your needs.

TERM LIFE INSURANCE is certainly the most affordable. A term life policy now costs about A THIRD of what it did just 20 years ago.

A 35-year old male can get a half a million dollars of term life coverage for over 20 years…for less than a dollar a day. How’s THAT for a great deal?

Term life insurance is typically sold in terms of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.

Another great thing about a term life policy is that you can also use it as an investment tool.

With a RETURN OF PREMIUM…or…ROP term life policy…you can get 100% of your premiums back…if you are alive at the end of the term.

It’s like getting life insurance …with a money-back guarantee!

Say you buy a $1 million policy with a 30-year term. And let’s say your premiums are $10,000 per year…depending on your age, health and other factors. At the end of the 30th year, the insurance company will pay you $300,000…tax-free!

Think of the money as a new huge asset in your retirement portfolio.

And if you DO die before the term, then your family will collect the $1 million death benefit.

An ROP policy does cost more than a traditional term life, but it’s a better way to win the game of life insurance .

Now, the downside of term life is that it only covers you for a temporary period of time. And when the term of that policy ends, the new premiums skyrocket upward dramatically.

Frankly, most people…at that point…simply drop the policy. Which is GOOD for the insurance company…but BAD for you.

But the ONLY way to win the game of life insurance …is to DIE with your policy in force. Meaning…your policy has to be CURRENT. Then you’ve WON.

Otherwise, you’re up the creek without a paddle.

But if you purchase a PERMANENT LIFE policy, you won’t have to worry about your policy ending. There’s no expiration date on this type of product.

And the results are just amazing! Take a woman, AGE 43…with a $500,000 PERMANENT LIFE policy…making premiums of $2,500 a year. At age 86…43 years later…she would’ve paid $107,500 in premiums. If she died the same year at age 86…her family would receive $500,000 tax-free. That’s a net gain of $392,500! That’s a tax rate of return of over 7 percent!

What OTHER investment product competes with THIS level of return?

And one of the best places to buy affordable life insurance is at AccuQuote. Since 1986, we have helped hundreds of thousands of customers save over $100 billion in coverage.

We work with ONLY the top-rated, name-brand life insurance companies in the industry. And we can help YOU get the life insurance you need…at a price you can afford.

Just call us at the number on your screen or go to We love to help people save money.

I’m Byron Udell…and thanks for listening.


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  1. So i need to Die ?!! O_O 4:25

  2. They are trying to make it sound like if you don’t get life insurance you are a horrible person.

  3. Life life insurance the thing about life insurance as it won't pay half the time they always find a reason to where they don't have to pay you my dad had it for 50 years and they still didn't pay look at all the money they collect every year and don't pay out it's kind of like car insurance you know you just keep paying and paying and pay it and pay him and then you crash your car and then they refuse to pay

  4. All I need to do is pay for my funeral I don't have a spouse I don't have a family there's nobody left but me do I still need it and will you pay what I die that's the question

  5. Life insurance is a scam.  Period.  1% of policies pay.  let that sink in.  Any reason to deny.  Insurance=evil

  6. Good information on insurance policies. Having insurance is a must especially when you are you're family's, breadwinner.

  7. Four words. Listen to Dave Ramsey.

  8. Wack

  9. Unfortunately this is only "partially true" yes the old fashion of the Life policies where in fact a "dead policy" because only pay you when you die but there are new a flexible modalities like policies with Life Benefits as the one brand neo of TransAmerica. you are protected even if you do not die for terminal critical or chronic disease that will help your family to survive economically in case you can not provide them and there are many other modalities that of course this guy do not want you to know or call me I will explain over the phone the benefits of the new kind of policies, the time on the kitchen table is and advantage that we provide as a proof of devotion to our career and to our financial profession

  10. It’s all fine if you have a near squeaky clean health history , fail to disclose anything and it’s void upon death , disclose it , depending what it is ( many things )and you most likely won’t be accepted !

  11. Is Life Insurance even a good option for post-graduate students who have no intentions of having children at the moment? Would we prefer to get term insurance for our spouses and if so what insurances are best for the best ROP/term policies?

  12. Are you looking for a good and better insurance life policy? Are you interested in securing the future life of your children or family or love ones while you are gone or after your death? If yes,you don't need to look further, at Royal Exchange Prudential life PLC,we provide you with the best life insurance policy which your children or family or love ones will benefit after you are gone. You can contact our agent

  13. What if your single? I don’t have anyone to leave it to except my birds LOL!

  14. Isn't ROP Term just another way of saying you're over paying for the term? It's basically a cash value policy, but you don't get access to the cash value! You loan the insurance company your money, they invest it, and if you don't die, they give you the money back without the gain! It's a giant put together, so buyer beware.

  15. can you get affodrable insurance for your parent of 63 yrs old?

  16. don’t use your job life insurance if you die they are the beneficiary your job.. not your family — get your own policy and forget your jobs one

  17. Come collab with wfg

  18. good video but i feel good if you organise a workshop for the members because me myself I lack alot of knowledge though Iam a member

  19. Life insurance policy is only applicable to rich countries, but in a poor country, say no! In poor countries the technique of life insurance is like bubbles they shown up and suddenly they burst out and disappeared when they met their target of good money. When they get all the money of their poor customers they close their life insurance company and then they start again with their new name, new customers again to them and good money again to the life insurance company.

  20. what about MetLife insurance not paying out to the parents of there son or daughter died over seas, MetLife didn't pay out! lots of insurance company will try to find ways to not pay out!

  21. The only investment that kill it is the cryptocurriencies market. Bitcoin went from less than a dollar to over $5,000 in the span of 6 to 7 years or so. Then again it is a global 24/7 roller-coaster ride.

  22. Hi. I want to know what happens to the Life insurance policy that your job gives you on your first day of employment?

  23. Learn about how life insurance works and how to determine the right amount of life insurance to purchase –

  24. Are you guys coming to Malaysia?

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