Auto Insurance

Luke’s real life auto insurance quote came back at 303 dollars a month. Luke got pissed… and put his new webcam to use.
(Like all of our stuff, it’s scripted.)


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  1. As a wise consumer, you should be aware that many of the Insurance Companies we represent, offer certain discounts on home, tenants, condominium and auto insurance that can significantly reduce the cost of your premiums.

  2. Classic throwback.Look at this flip-phone.WOW. Where did the time go.There was a time when you had a flip-phone you was doing the damn thang. Now if you still have a flip-phone you rockin' that "Obama Phone" with the 750-1000 monthly minutes. Crazy

  3. Still laughing about this so many years later.

  4. That phone though…

  5. eyyy who here from 2018

  6. ive only just realized Tim is actually Joe

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  8. Assume – We make an Ass of Me and U make more money.

  9. Dealt with 30 calls like this a day, stats and risks add up to you paying what you should!

  10. What insurance compnay were you talking to? $303 a MONTH!? :O

  11. the Mount of times I've watched this in the past decade is insane. I still love yall and use you constantly in conversation to win arguments.

  12. This isn't even funny and a complete waste of time for the person who's actually doing his job on the other line.  Dumb fucking idiots who have nothing to do and want to think they're being funny.  I sure hope somebody goes to your job and does this crap to you moron.

  13. I still get people with the foot joke. "Nice try though, pervert."

  14. #NatesWorld09 Lol. HE HAS A FLIP PHONE!!! XD @Italianboy225

  15. what happened to them??? I miss this comedy

  16. I ask the question, is the mandatory auto insurance business nothing but a racket? If one owns their vehicle and body do they not have the right to decide to purchase or not to purchase insurance from a private company? If the auto insurance business was based on the "beginning and ending" of each individual self insuring based on risk of property lose or damage; or medical expenses, If people decided to their own discretion on a individual bases; to insure or not to insure; to be covered or not to be covered by a private auto insurance company, would this system not be just, would this system not be profitable for the private auto insurance industry?

  17. The venom in this is so real.

  18. Lol. HE HAS A FLIP PHONE!!! XD

  19. i used this on a college paper as an example in sociology. oh yes I received an A

  20. I think that auto insurance is very beneficial, especially in the current times of day

  21. Car insurance is the biggest law enforced rip off ever. If you're poor and live in a bad area expect to decide whether to feed your family or pay bloated insurers to keep the police from impounding your transportation and charging outrageous fees. You should have a choice.

  22. Auto Insurance Bundled toll-free number call and help 877-831-0637

  23. I work in insurance and OMG I think i should tell everyone its called the penis tax!! love this video, these guys are great:)

  24. never gets old..
    "boxes of driving talent"

  25. Freaking awesome

  26. incredibly funny man

  27. Watching this almost 10 years later and still relevant as fuck hahaha

  28. The conversation EVERYONE wants to have with their auto insurance company.

  29. You should hear me lol I do this also

  30. 1:40 lmao omg i love the guy on the phone… his sigh was so "Ugh"

  31. Genius! XD

  32. awesome vid lololololololololololol

  33. Fucking insurance, I have to pay a crazy amount per month because some idiot might smash into me, and even in that unlikely event the insurance companies would make up some kind of bullshit excuse to deny my claim.

  34. I just love this totally funmy

  35. Car insurance is a big scam.  The politicians are in bed with insurance companies.  They decide how much they will steal from the public.  Insurance shouldn't be for profit.  Since insurance is a law then a non profit government entity should be a trustee in the management of people collective funds to cover everyone in event of claims.  This is how it should work, people pooling their money to cover each other.  If I can only drive one car at a time and only have myself as the driver why do I have to pay double for both cars?   Don't give me that driving is a privilege bullshit.  Without transport the economy would collapse.  Its impossible for everyone to live walking distance from work.  And the government wont provide transportation for its citizens. We HAVE to drive, or starve.  Since no one could say someones lively hood is a privilege they cant say driving is a privilege when its required for that lively hood.   Plus insurance isn't required by law to pay out!  They can invent company polices to deny claims at a whim.  And if you think there are laws forcing them to pay a claim, remember who wrote the laws, the insurance companies.

  36. this video is fucking gold

  37. e-insurance suck, they don't honor the deductible. for windshield replacement they want additional money on top of deductible.what point of the deductible for then? RAT FACE yes you e insurance

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