Let's Talk Money — Insurance Agent Salaries $$

💰Let’s Talk Money! 💰 The average salary of an Insurance Agent in the US is $49,000. That’s not good enough! You’re better than that. Your time is worth more than that! Invest in yourself and you WILL make more money.

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Cody Askins currently owns and operates five insurance based companies grossing over $6 million in annual sales. When he was 20-years old, Cody decided to become a full-time insurance agent despite time constraints due to going to college full-time and playing college basketball. Even so, he set a goal to make $100,000 his first year and exceeded this goal within 8 months. Now, his goal is to help train, mentor and motivate insurance agents all over the world to operate at their highest level. To do this, Cody produces Coaching Programs, Insurance Wealth University, Business Retreats, Insurance Leads, Live Events, Live Shows, and Training Videos.



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  1. Insurance agent can become rich and earn millions if they have good game plan for career. I am not insurance agent but I know some insurance agents who are making big bucks driving nice cars booking 5 star hotels. And they are not even 40 yet

  2. Hey I’m thinking about becoming an agent where do I start?

  3. What would a reasonable contract level be if all your leads were provided to you and you sell exclusively by phone?

  4. You're remarkable with these continual and ongoing videos…bravo !

  5. Bureau of Labor statistics, from the United States department of labor, reports the national mean (average) annual wage is $66,990. Much higher in my area. And I don't think that includes independents agents, which would probably boost it higher.

  6. Primerica lmfao

  7. Hey Cody, awesome vid…keep them coming! I agree, why would anyone want a salary in this industry? Just a quick note. The quality of your videos are awesome, the sound is a little echoey though. Just thought I’d let you know.

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