Full Coverage vs Liablity only auto insurance

some differences on how full coverage and liability auto insurance works. Also, some info on how COMP and Collision coverage work.



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  1. Great viedo! I've had liability for 6 years no accident recently a lady blind sided my driver door can I get a claim if I only have liability?

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  3. I know…..but in my situation, I literally have no money after paying for rent, phone bill, and tuition….also costs for living (food, gas) 🙁 This is why people dont want to go full coverage.

  4. I honestly just rather get a cheapest one possible so I don't go to jail for not having "insurance" and put all that wasted money that I would have been spending on POINTLESS full coverage and put it in a savings account. Like really.

  5. So what I got from this….. is that if I pay for full coverage than I'm basically paying 7500 a year (I'm 18 with a mustang V8) for the SLIGHTEST chance that my car goes up in flames or it gets flooded. And if I get into a $2,000 car accident I STILL have to pay $500. Even though I'm paying an arm and a leg to have FULL coverage. Like wtf lol

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