What to Do When Car Insurance Company Refuses to Pay

A Simple Explanation of What to do when a Car Insurance Company Refuses to Pay. This video will teach you why insurance companies only respond to profit-loss. – Matt Powell, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

The most important thing to know is the only thing that motivates insurance companies is profit. So, the only way to elicit a response from your car insurance company is via threats of profit loss.

Most people believe that insurance companies are motivated by altruistic goals and always want to do the right thing for their insureds and society. Unfortunately, that line of thinking could not be farther from the truth.

Your car insurance company is not looking to do the right thing for you, your family, or our country. When your car insurance company refuses to pay, it’s because it’s the right thing to do for their bottom line (profits.)

When a car insurance company refuses to pay, the only thing you can do to motivate them to pay the full value of your claim is to threaten them with a lawsuit.

Here is the car insurance company mantra:

DENY the Claim
DELAY the Claim
DEFEND the Claim

I call the insurance company mantra “The 3 D’s.” First, your car insurance company will refuse to pay your claim by denying any responsibility for you and your families losses.

Second, your car insurance company will refuse to pay your claim by delaying the process. They will do things like sending you on a wild goose chase for paperwork they don’t actually need. Insurance companies are motivated to delay claims because they accrue interest on the money they don’t pay you over time.

Third, your car insurance company will refuse to pay you by defending the claim when you file a lawsuit. They will defend the claim using their own in- house lawyers or private law firms so they can hold onto your money as long as possible.

If your car insurance company refuses to pay the full value of your claim, you need to hire a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer immediately and file a lawsuit.

Car insurance companies place different values on claims depending on which lawyer you hire. So, you need to hire a lawyer with a track record of taking claims all the way to trial where a jury can determine the value of your claim.

If you have any more questions about what to do when a car insurance company refuses to pay, please feel free to call me, Matt Powell, at 1-844-MATTLAW. You can also check out my article about the subject on my website here: insurance -company-refuses-to-pay/ – Matt Powell, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer



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  1. Geico is refusing to pay. My kids got there car stolen at school and then a month later car recovered at school a student arrest and now geico is refusing to pay for the damaged car. The arrest student drove the car around and got into an accident. Still 5 months nothing. Can I just file a small claims?

  2. My motorcycle recently court fire I made a claim and they said they would pick it up next day didn’t here from them for 4weeks so I started taking the bike apart to sell what was in contact and than they came out and took the bike but because the piston was not in the engine they wouldn’t pay out

  3. Does someone have to show up to testify again when a judge failed to be appointed, Ive lost my time and money flying in to testify for my insurance, can I be compensated?
    Who is responsible for my travel expenses?

  4. Very informative. Thank you.

  5. Hello
    I was involved in a car accident with 4 cars involved.
    Luckily I was the first one but three cars behind me they not.
    I been hit from the rear,I believe car behind me should take fully responsibility for the impact.
    Now my insurance says because its multiple cars involved the claim can take at least three years.
    Always when I ring them for more updates they keep told me same story:I notice third part and wait for their answers.
    So nothing on reality.
    What should I do.
    I pay already my excess to repair my car1000£ plus suspended two non claim years plus plus.
    I'm more than a victim and my insurance the one who get money from me every single month and suppose to sort out the full case they delay they wait for other part response and bla bla.
    The accident was happening in 10 of November 2018.
    Thank you for your article.
    Was very helpful.

  6. can i sue the insurance company even if i dont have a police report?

  7. If an at fault insurance tells me that their claim is under investigation. I will just file under my own insurance and let them subrogate for my deductible. I wonder if attorney will represent if the at fault party does not have Bodily injury? Most of the time attorney does not represent people for property damage, there is no money for them to be made in property damage.

  8. Dear MattLaw: Thank you so much for sharing. I am in Canada and I sure wish you were in my city 🙁 I am a disabled 49 year old woman, in 2015 My Eldest son Dan was in a serious MVA rollover. His seatbelt failed, his head had smashed through the glass, hitting the frame and he was crushed repeatedly into the ditch as the little car went end over end.

    He survived and is a walking miracle he was determined to not let a broken neck stop him from his goals. Just prior to the accident he was just recovering from a left torn shoulder labrum, a work injury that he had to fight for months to prove and he finally got surgery. He was determined to get back to work as a Journeyman Electrician. He was pushed very hard and just six months after the car accident and reinjuring his shoulder, breaking his neck, severe issues with his back, legs, arms and left ankle. He was deemed ready to go back to work! People who break their leg often get longer times off. His body was definitely not ready and an appeal ensued.

    Even though my son walked after that horrific accident and was doing very well, just 8 months after the accident he was severely abused by the very hospital that had saved his life only 8 month's earlier. He has been stuck in a Nightmare ever since.

    In 2016 he had what was believed to be H1N1 and he was given an antibiotic known to cause issues for some people. He was very sick for two weeks he was unable to sleep well, was dehydrated, vomiting etc. Two weeks into his flu he had a long awaited appointment to see a a new Dr. to address the PTSD he was experiencing from his MVA. He was doing his best to deal with it but felt he needed counselling and had to prove to the Provincial Auto Insurance that he did in fact have PTSD.

    He refused to reschedule his appt. because he had waited months. The Dr. having never met him, not aware of his baseline and not being told he had the flu decided he was in need of Antipsychotics, she advised the family Dr. to prescribe these meds and within 3 doses my son was taken by police and ambulance to a local hospital. He was severely adversely reacting, through errors entered by the exhausted ER Dr. they forcibly detained him for 6 weeks, imposed several more medications that he reacted to severely. We have a Genetic disorder that at the time was not fully diagnosed yet but the Dr.'s would not even acknowledge this. The Disorder causes us to not metabolize many Pharmaceuticals.

    The Dr.'s completely ignored his history, they kept telling us we were in denial they didn't even believe he broke his neck. We immediately felt they had wrong information in the file. We requested repeatedly to have access to my son's file and we were delayed till several weeks after he was released 6 weeks later under an illegal Community Treatment Order that was filled out wrong. If my son were not living this, I would not believe it myself.

    We found out there is another patient with the same name who is a regular Psychiatric Patient and know now that they confused my son with this other patient. A referral was even sent for the other patient with my sons phone number on it a year and a half after we got him away from the illegal CTO order and the forced medication that took several appeals in a very biased appeal system run by the hospital and for the hospital. The patient 'appointed' lawyer informed us she has been there 7 years and there is only a 2% chance of patient's winning their appeals. Clearly we chose not to go with the 'appointed' lawyer and the biased panel was very frustrating but we won and 6 months of abuse stopped but the PTSD skyrocketed.

    My Son is very Tired, our Rare disorders have gotten the best of me. I am fighting on my own. The file has not been addressed properly. My son was cut off 2 years ago from any further payment despite him finally receiving a proper PTSD diagnosis in 2017 almost 2 years after the accident. Despite the long waited diagnosis of the rare disorder Ehlers Danlos Syndrome a connective tissue disorder that was not acknowledged by many physicians and had severe detrimental effects on my son. The medications he was forced are highly contraindicated with our Genetics and complaints are going in with the College of Physicians for several Dr.'s.

    My son is at his breaking point and I am doing my best to fight for him, I have brain lesions and am very weak, I don't know if my health will hold out. We pleaded with them to get this to appeals so my son can finally rest his very broken body that will never mend because of genetics and the forced physio that further damaged his tendons and ligaments. Of course and the Spin Dr.'s now are now shouting Pre Existing condition. Uh no! Prior to the accident he didn't even know he had this, the injuries are caused from the accident. EDS did not cause his injuries….omg they sure do grasp at any straws.

    Well I just thought I'd share this in the hopes of maybe you have a Cousin up in Canada who happens to be a Darn good Lawyer that you could Highly recommend. I know I'm now grasping at Straws but when you's Po Folk up in Canada it's hard to get a Lawya even when you got all the Defence in the World!

    Well I keep Hoping cause now after 2 years stalling, just like you Said Mr. Matt Law the Insurance company wants another Independent Medical Exam done and want to send the Hospital file to the Psychiatrist. The insurance company knows he has PTSD they have exacerbated him as he is now seriously in debt and about to lose everything. The File is full of errors right from the MVA accident report saying the car did a 180 and reversed into the ditch! From beginning to end the file is riddled with errors.

    I am sorry I am just so overwhelmed I have reached out all over the world but clearly we are touching to many nerves in our Gov't. Cause I have called so many places, emailed etc. No one replies. Or when they do they say sorry hope you can find help for your son. So that ends my story of a Young Man who had everything he was on top of the world and he was going places! Most Dr.'s are pretty mad when they hear he was making $59 an hour and double time on the weekends. Now he makes nothing and can never…no wonder the insurance company doesn't want to pay him out!

  9. When finish my case i won't pay more insurance

  10. What should I do if I couldn’t get the information from the at fault person in a major Rear end collision? The police were questioning both of us and they didn’t allow me to get close enough to the at fault person to exchange information what should I do?

  11. I am going to get an injury lawyer tomorrow thanks

  12. Los Angeles fraud state. Bunch illegal working in law office to defraud

  13. I'm going through this right now with cheap shity ass The General company STAY AWAY FROM THE GENERAL Geico is the best

  14. This was an excellent video

  15. Does anyone know how to get proof of prior car insurance on a vehicles VIN.

  16. Most lawyers won't take on minor car accident claims. And many could argue that smaller, fender accidents occur more often than major car accidents, leaving many drivers out in the cold. As a result, they have to deal with their loss by themselves. Any advice for that?

  17. Do you take on cases in the uk??

  18. Thank you @MattLaw, and that's fine and dandy, .. IF it's you whose been hit. But here is my dilemma which is that I didn't 'kick' my children out of the house as soon as they turned 16 and got their license. That's right, this is exactly what my 20 years + Insurance company told me when my son rear ended another car after borrowing the family car. I have full coverage, but because I didn't get the "notice in the mail" that the Insurance company supposedly sent stating that "Children living in your house who borrow the family car will NOT be covered if they get in an accident."
    OK, now what? Well now my teen son is responsible for not only the family car that is under and always had "good Full Coverage Insurance", but the other car also, including any injuries the other driver may have had, (or will have in the future that a doctor can say was caused by this accident).
    So I asked my Agent as to how much more is it to add my son to my car insurance?
    He figured it all out, and it was $3,000 + MORE a year. Well, for a family of four, living and raising two kids on under $30,000 a year income, that is just totally out of our reach.
    Here is the solution they offered: "Get rid of your kids as soon as they turn 16! Just kick them out of the house, and let them get their own car insurance. But ANYONE, .. as long as they are not living under our roof, like neighbors, my children's friends, relatives etc. can borrow my car, and should they get into an accident, they would be covered. That's right, Except for my own children, because they are living under my roof, even if going full time school, .. after they reach16 years of age.

    Now I know why we had over a half a dozen School friends living with us in the past 3 years (as soon as they turned 16 – now 19), .. because they were kicked out of their house by their parents, and living on the streets, or sleeping over different friends houses, because our Government controlled Insurance demands it!
    I know this is Not About Just the Money, because "They" will get their money no matter what. This is against our children, knowing that once they wonder the streets, or live from house to house over friends, they will get into trouble, especially the girls who we heard stories of them getting molested and raped staying over different friends houses.
    You sir, according to this video sound like a just Lawyer. Please tell us; have the Insurance companies passed Laws that we either go broke paying car Insurance, or must kick our children out on the streets to fend for themselves to avoid them borrowing the car and nullifying our full coverage car insurance on our family car?
    Is there a Law against such obvious injustice?
    Thank you.

  19. Great lawyer

  20. After being rear ended at a red light in 2017 its scary how much my own insurance company treats me like Im the criminal.

  21. In my case it looks like the insuerer that hit me is not responding to their imsurance personal but they have been at 100% fault. It says their insured have not responded to their contact attempts. I have the address of the person who hit me. Can I send them an official letter of a civil suit because they refuse to comply with their story?

  22. Great video mattlaw. Better call Matt.

  23. Also ask your lawyer if they file suit than the % they charge changes
    Example they file suite but case did not go to court now the 30% changes to 40%. Ins and lawyer's are both necessary evil. I personally like Louisiana no pay no play wish all state would have that it would reduce uninsured motorist driver

  24. Hi Matt Law….. What about an insurance company or agent like Allstate who gives a person a policy, draws up the contract, issues cards but says the policy isn't effective until by a certain date? But the person gets into an accident before that date then they don't Honor the policy.?? Ever heard of that kind of shady trick??

  25. I have had 2 insurance companies deny my claim for their insured in the last two years. I did not seek medical treatment. How do I go about getting my damage fixed? Thank you

  26. This is a good commercial for Matt Law. xD Well deserved though.

  27. It's stupid how HELLth insurance makes you pay a penalty for not having HELLth insurance

  28. I've never had to deal with an insurance company before but if I ever do and I get the runaround or anything like this they will need to contact there insurance company because they will loose more then what they could of paid out

  29. Do you know any good layers in El Paso, Tx

  30. I got very good education, from your wonderful explanation, thank you.

  31. Don’t pay your premiums!!!!

  32. Bad faid ! ?

  33. Hi Matt, maybe you can help understand why when they ask if they can record you and your like ok and ask if you can record the same conversation and they hang up on me ? ?

  34. Why would after a settling with the at fault party to its maximum limits(limited liability release) would the plaintiff's own underinsured carrier want to still depose their own insured ?

  35. I was hit by a bus while stopped at a red light. Call my insurance just so 2 weeks later they can tell me I had to file I claim with the guys insurance. Did just that and was told by his insurance that I will hear from them next business day.
    It's been 3 business day and still nothing.
    Even tho the damage is small I want to use them for liers.

  36. Matt we are having problems with our auto insurance company they don't want to pay claim keep saying need medical papers but we have sent all what do we do matt

  37. When dealing with vehicles I've never run into this problem. When dealing with a life insurance company who gave my money to a thief who tampered with legal papers that resulted in insurance fraud, that resulted in a lawsuit serious legal trouble for both parties

  38. am in Texas, What if the at fault insurance company refused to get you a rental equal or more to your on

  39. Can you please refer me to someone in florida?

  40. Is it possible to settle claim If I didn't seek medical treatment I didn't want to owe money just in case it was denied and it was

  41. I was at work an my drive window was bust out after my shift was over but my two day late will I still be able to file a claim

  42. Is it too late too file a police report.after 94 days?I broke my arm on govt entity?

  43. Colorado Springs. CO May u refer mi

  44. I must subscribe to keep u in record. Thanks a lot.

  45. I"m going thru it right now. My car was totaled. The "kid" that hit me was ticketed with Reckless. He had Drugs in his vehicle, was suspected under the influence, I had 3 Witnesses give their statements all coraborating that he HIT me. His "fly-by-night" insurance claims only 20% fault. They are Delaying, Denying, and Defending for sure! I am out of pocket on my vehicle and medical bills. Problem with a Legal complaint is that it will DRAG on for Years!

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