What Is Commercial General Liability Insurance

Learn what is covered and not covered by a commercial general liability insurance policy. For an instant online quote go to



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  1. Thanks where to find the customer brought my car to get fixed they break something else and not tell me then I have to go back and put in my complaint after my car cuts off on me could have got in the accident. They pull the tape and then tell me they'll pay me back the money I had to pay to get it fixed by someone else but not more? Said they will close the claim until I accept it

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  3. Great tips and straight to the point. This taught me more about commercial general liability more then both courses i paid for did.

  4. great tips

  5. i want $1m liability insurance. pls guide

  6. Very informative video. Im currently in search of GL insurance. Thanks!

  7. Great video, very informative. I like how it simplifies General Liability Insurance. Straight to the point! Keep 'em coming!

  8. I love it! Finally some explains what the hell this policy covers.

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