Should I Get Liability Insurance?

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Comments (15)

  1. But if I am say an average joe does this make sense?

  2. The look on daves face lol, this guys calling in because he wants to talk about himself on the air… let the man help people who are in dire need of advice lol.

  3. When you call Dave Ramsey and ask for advise, SHUT UP and let him talk!

  4. He likes interrupting people.

  5. This guy is not a millionaire (just saying…). He sounds like an idiot. I love how Dave hard-muted him when he wouldn't shutup.

  6. The caller is a joke.

  7. I have liability only for two cars that are payed off….. it's $43.00 a month for both cars….. totally worth it…. I just have to make sure it doesn't get hailed on and I'm not at fault

  8. Buehler… Buehler… Buehler… I'm calling to brag… to my surprises he.. he… we're "millionaire" 4get about millionaires he.. he.. how ya like me now Dave… Buehler…

  9. Dave, saw a YouTube video by a guy called Wranglerstar. He does a great video about you, and the financial peace university. He is a homesteader from the Pacific Northwest.

  10. This call was annoying to hear.

  11. So he is worth over 5 million and he has to call in to ask if he needs to up ins. and it will only cost him $1000 per year?? WONDER IF HE LIKES TO BRAG

  12. Why did this guy call if he already knew everything?

  13. I love how he just muted the guy after enough rambling. Haha.

  14. second

  15. First

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