Insurance Basics and Commercial Coverage (2018)

A simple run through of the general terms and commercial coverage. Register at for more information. Registration is valid for 60 days.



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  1. I have a guaranteed job with Farmers after passing my test. Thank you for the videos and simplifying.

  2. Are there any questions regarding Life, or Accident and Health on the Property & Casualty test? (Guessing it might be considered "General Insurance" information)??

  3. Before I buy, will these materials work for AZ?

  4. Your webinar’s are very helpful. Wish you could do one that was Arkansas based!

  5. Who is in Pennsylvania?

  6. This was extremely helpful! This was my fourth week with the self-study course and I was struggling to pass the simulator tests. I watched 2 of your webinars and my score dramatically improved. I'm so thankful for these!!!

  7. I’ve been listening to your videos for the past two weeks. I just started working on getting my pre license. Last week! I’ve been taking notes while I’m going through my pre license.

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