How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

In this video, I tell you how to get cheaper car insurance . If you want to lower your insurance premiums, you should use these tips. Many people think that their car insurance premiums are set in stone, but in reality, they can usually be lowered by at least a little bit. I tell you what you can do to get a lower car insurance rate.

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  2. One thing I don't agree with is yes if you bundle you will get a 10% discount. But a 10% discount on your home insurance may save you $50 but another insurance company may only charge you $450 a year instead off the insurance company that you pay $700 a year. That 10% reduces your $700 down to $70 per year but you are most likely still paying a few dollars more per year to get that small discount. I suggest shopping for a bundle service and then shop for insurance for your house and cars separately.

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  5. My sister got her license by going to drivers school and her insurance rates are $500 for a $20,000 car it sucks.

  6. Man if you don’t shut the fuck up.

  7. This really wasn't helpful : /

  8. Thank you

  9. I cannot stand this guy.

  10. IM NOT YELLING!!! This is how I talk!!!

  11. Great advice!! 760-407-6100 Find the LOWEST RATES IN CALIFORNIA! We don’t charge any broker fees! We shop DOZENS of carriers to find you the lowest rates! 760-407-6100. We do the shopping for you!!

  12. Sorry man, I had to quite this video in the middle. You probably giving nice advice but I can't take it, the way you are shouting.

  13. I wonder why your talking so loudly

  14. thank you for your videos they are helping me with a lot of things

  15. Roadside assistance for only 9.95 a month

  16. dont get a dui…that will f your rates for 10 years

  17. Thanks for the video

  18. wow man ur making very relevant videos, thanks alot

  19. I live in nyc in Brooklyn .i just got my driver license ,if I buy a expensive car is my insurance will be high and how about old car like Toyota Camry for 15 thousands .thank u

  20. In some states you can take online defensive driving courses (cost around $25) that will help you get a discount as well

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