Show Notes: The End is Near and a Day of Reckoning is Coming!

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Comments (29)

  1. End is near my sss HILLDABEAST r I’m sure billy boy is next sacrifice to avoid O O I G report release near my ass is where we at
    are they afraid to walk the streets yet no he’ll no not even close THATS GOTTA HAPPEN BEFORE END IS NEAR

  2. Hey Katie-If you're going to end Adam Shiff's name with a "T", can you leave the "F" out?

  3. EU better get in line with the US agenda or they will suffer what Venezuela is experiencing.

  4. Now they makin up a "slow crawler solar flare" to explain their EMPEEE attacks to shut down comms

  5. Good morning! We have an amazing President and 1st lady and a great commentator in You! God bless you and your family in Jesus's name!

  6. Buy stock in rope.

  7. So govt. Employees get fired or resign for feloeies we get prison time. We get it. That will end and she wi ok be locked up Trump.

  8. There was no video at the end. I got a commercial to sign a petition to impeach President Trump.

  9. Is the sky yellow behind you?

  10. KATIE:
    I appreciate that you are a citizen that investigates and reports in a realistic fashion. Bringing us the Q posts, board notables, and an insight to the workings of the board in the thorough manner you consistently is a valuble service to your, my, our country and beyond. ThanQ.

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both! Another great nugget of independent journalism!

  12. Drop by and see me in Vegas!

  13. Katie Thank you

  14. I live in Lake Havasu City Az. I am 2 1/2 hours away from Vegas. I may have to crash your vacation ❤️

  15. It's very interesting to see how Q map rates "players"…….

  16. ever note is good for organizing your saved web sites or just a sceen shot .

  17. I read most if the Strzok—if you want to be high entertained by trey Gowdy, start around page 103. It's better than a movie

  18. Socialism and Islam can not co-exist with our Republic ideals, Rights, and values our founders passed on to us.

  19. Mueller openly spying on the POTUS. Is the insurance.

  20. I have a theory and it all changed over the last couple days with the release of Strzok and Page's testimony. We now know that these 2 really were not able to investigate Hillary Clinton because the justice department was holding her evidence from them and James Comey/FBI. The only ones involved in everything was Hillary's legal team and the justice department, it's sicking. Although these 2 clowns hated POTUS and texted what they said and wanted Hillary to win this really was an eye opener. Remember when Ted Gowdy said "history will be a lot kinder to James Comey"? Think about it, James Comey against what they wanted really did come out and tell the American people her crimes. And what really woke me up was him saying after listing all of her crimes "no prosecutor will take this case"! I know I used to think what a jerk, what does he mean no one would, it's obvious these are crimes. But think about it, instead of him saying the Justice department won't charge her, he said that statement instead. I know he's a liar and a leaker and was a very weak and bad FBI director he really did go against the justice department and let the American people know what she did. They were furious with him too. Btw I think Nellie Orh wrote the dossier or most of it! But they needed someone more creditable source to make it seem more true so they stamped this MI16 British spy. When I first heard about her being a Russia expert etc I had a gut feeling a long time ago that bitch wrote this lol Have a nice night everyone. Lets keep fighting.

  21. PerkinsCoie is located in the same Denver building as Facebook

  22. The reason The Pitbull quit is Barr send him packing because he was threading "Our President" with charging his kids and that is why he is gone.

  23. Did you ever watch the show, The Blacklist? You should especially towards the end. Unreal, it’s about now, the Kabul, 17 and many more same-o-same -o.

  24. Happy (early) Anniversary Katie… Thank you for all your hard work, I appreciate you..

  25. Somebody tell POTUS we can make a 63 million human ring around the White House. Make sure everybody he loves is safe inside.

  26. Katie, if you are not getting any money from this, direct people to send checks to your PO box. I know a guy who accepts payments this way and it works great for him. If people donate any other way, you probably don't get much. People want to know their money is going directly to YOU, so suggest that people send donation checks to the PO box that you have already posted in the description box. BTW: Happy Anniversary!!

  27. yea……

  28. Mifsud is connected to Malta. There's a great video on Mifsud over on American Intelligence Media channel.

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