What car insurance companies don't tell you about rates

Auto insurance companies claim they can save you money, but in “The Truth About Car Insurance,” Consumer Reports says otherwise. The magazine conducted research for two years in which they analyzed more than two billion car insurance price qutoes from more than 700 companies . Margot Gilman of Consumer Reports joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the findings.



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  1. This should be illegal!!

  2. Credit score does matter!

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if you or I came up with some idea(car insurance) that the government forced everyone to purchase so they could travel the roads every day to do necessary things like go to work or to the grocery store! I think insurance should be like taxes, you pay all year and if you dont use it you get a portion of it back like 80%.. I've always said that little piece of paper in your globe box is the most expensive piece of paper you will ever own!! I hate insurance companies it's a total RIP off!

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  5. This video is a good example of the blind leading the blind.

  6. Why not make it a law a Federal one, who ever owns a license or car to pay monthly flat rates to the government and have the government take care of it since its against the law not have insurance. Not some corporate schmucks making billions a year.. Who ever causes more than 2 accidents a year is probably incapable of driving and should not be driving. It would remove dumb drivers off the road also. Think about the future. Is the United States only going to think for the capital interests or its People for once? #STANDUP

  7. Insurance is just another con on the public, I don't bother with it. And before you start on me, answer me how insurance is going to make me drive safer when I already prepaid for property damage vs I'll goto jail if I damage your property and not pay??? And well for injury how does being fully liable for yourself going to make you more unsafe than knowing someone else is paying for it huh???
    I use to have loads of incidents when I was young, once I stopped with the insurance so did the accidents….

  8. Alaska HB 195 is prime example of car insurance rating based on credit scores. A damning version of it had passed the legislature in early 2018. Have the insurance companies borne false witness? According to 'Citizens United', corporations are people. Can a corporation violate God's commandments?

    Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor

    Rush – The Trees

    Rush – Freewill

  9. Insurance companies want your money and then pay up to the states to be allowed to take it

  10. It’s our lawmakers that allowed them to do this.

  11. I find it interesting that this woman is generalizing for most insurance companies, most insurance policies, and all states. Each state has its own laws regarding how insurance companies are allowed to rate their policies, and the number of factors that insurance companies look at to determine each individual rate are vast. The rating of insurance is not as simple as she made it sound. Contact your state's Department of Insurance to find out more about insurance rates are determined in your state.

  12. It's true! That's also why Insuranks was created. To create an unbiased pool of information and rankings of insurers based on community scores. You can rank your auto insurers online and make more informed decisions by comparing auto insurance quotes from reputed auto insurers as determined by the community including all the familiar brands through:

  13. I strongly agree, car insurance look into credit scores to know how much they can charge you regardless of your driving record. It seems like a types of Bribery charges. Driving record should be the primary definition of your rate or premium. Contact the Department of Insurance in Washington and let them know that car insurance "Bribery" is immoral and unethical.

  14. Mafia with a title.

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  16. Insurance corporations are run by Zionist jews

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