If Insurance Companies Were Honest – Honest Ads


Insurance people are really just the superheroes of bending us over for the pleasure of paying them to do the bare minimum.

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Comments (39)

  1. What is the truth about life insurance? Help.

  2. I work for one of the big 4 car insurance companies as an actuary is pretty true

  3. Jerked Off to death. Masturbeat-down.

  4. Hai rog

  5. The 374 who gave a thumbs down are most likely insurance company corporate SCUM, just like obama!!!!

  6. Education industry

  7. Insurance is so fucked up

  8. The police death insurance had me rolling

  9. @geico…@allstate….etc etc etc lol

  10. I got rear-ended and t-boned in the same year. Both vehicles only had the basic insurance which only serves to make me not a criminal. After losing my favorite metal box on wheels I stopped paying for insurance because my rates went up for being hit. I wasn't doing anything wrong. Both times I got hit due to the other driver being distracted. So I just stopped paying and I drive as if every car that ever comes near me is a bomb waiting to go off. To summarize: fuck the system.

  11. Long and short of insurance companies.."Hey insurance company! I Bet you $150 a month that I wreck my car this month!""Um, ok."

  12. It's sad that Scripps laid off the video production staff. I'll miss Roger Horton videos.

  13. Now I want a cape.

  14. Why don't you tell about "what if YouTuber were honest" or "you tube reviews were honest"

  15. Maybe do a skit about how newer cars are unreliable and purposely made to break faster due to design so you have to take it to the dealership. Also how the cars have unnecessary equipment and electronics that require special tools that only the dealerships have rendering the average diy mechanics useless.

  16. Keep up the good work "Roj"(phonetic)

  17. Can you guys do an ad on mutual funds/ financial advisers?

  18. Oh those kid dying reasons were classic, hilarious on the time lapse but thank u guys 4 reassuring me and exposing the stupidity of this system of systems of the matrix.

  19. bring this back!

  20. If you don't have insurance you're able to be arrested
    (Tell me if I'm wrong because I'm not entirely sure)

  21. Mandated unaffordable insurance is Fucking disgusting..

  22. They do try to pay out as little as possible. My last incident they paid all but 100 of what I owed on my car. If it wasn't for the high expense of after accident health care I think it would be better to do a savings plan instead.

  23. I’m going to court for this damn..

  24. Insurance companies are just like the Mafia: They only pretend to offer "protection".

  25. Thanks Rog.

  26. This insurance issue is real. There is more going on here than particularly meets the eye, or ear in this case. Insurance discriminates using protected classes and other socially/culturally objectionable ways. So, one might think its a balancing act between whats profitable and whats wrongful. If it were so simple, insurance would not exists. the face of the matter is that insurance serves a public need. So then theres that moment whereas we ask, should there be attributes that insurances should be legally limited, or banned from using? So facing the fact that insurance services are required by many people to cut cost of living or operation, there must be figurative room for accurate and cost effective risk assessment to be made using discriminatory methods. So lets use the auto insurance as the context. If the use of age, sex, and race are to be scrutinized objectionably for the given factors of relevant information, and cost for effective risk assessment contrasted against morality, we can see a bigger picture form on what seems unfair. In the case of age, its clear that teens are more prone to bad dictions being that their preferential cortex is not fully formed; on top of the fact that, a teen will likely have much less time behind the wheel. On the moral side of things, using age in the context of accurate risk assessment is deemed publicly fine. Thus age is a perfect attribute for auto insurance to use for their risk assessment to save money. In the case of sex, are men really more prone to car accidents? Here we get to the though of relevance. If a attribute is normal among many, is there not reason to make a profit off of it? The information concerning that one gender is more prone to risk comes from insurance companies. Sure its a red-haring logical fallacy, but there making billions off of it. Is sex an effective attribute for accurate and cost effective risk assessment? It is not accurate; but, sex discrimination is cheap. Morally, if people understood where the statistics were coming from, this practice of gender discrimination would be publicly objectionable. In the case of racial discrimination. There is not grounds to use race as a discriminatory attribute. Such practice is only legal in half of the United States and is highly publicly objectionable. Even if it was a accurate and cost effective means of risk assessment, insurance companies need costumers.——— This brings me to the real reason I'm making this comment. There are four protected classes that the government cannot discriminate against: which are, race, genetics, religion, and national origin. Gender is almost a fifth protected class. So, I beg the question, can a government discriminate legally through proxy? That is to say, can a state legally force a protected class to be discriminated against? So lest use religion as an example. Lets say that in Lala land Christians along with everyone ells were forces to purchase car insurance. Lets say that Christians were charged 50% more because of their religious affiliation on the grounds that they are a high risk group. In this fictional example of government discrimination of protected classes through proxy, Its clearly illegal for the "government" of these United States to discriminated based on religious affiliation; however, its legal for a privet company to discriminate against such. So by using law to force American peoples of protected classes to perches a service that will discriminate against those protected classes, is not the American government able to discriminate against such peoples through zed services? This really opens the door for the possibility that America could adopt China's moral credit system though privet proxy. Anyways, read up on this topic for your self and maybe post some intelligible findings here. KEK, as if anyone would be so daft to read this.

  27. YO ROG!

  28. FUCK YOU..

  29. Health Insurance

  30. Do one on truck and cargo brokers

  31. You're welcome

  32. Been paying car insurance for 45 years with absolutely nothing to show for it

  33. Am I the only one who thought she was mind if sexy?

  34. I hit a deer a week after I bought a new car and the insurance totaled my car. Fought them for an entire summer, but was able to give them the shaft. They paid off my brand new car, I kept it as salvage, and used the remaining money to fix it. Sounds hard, but all I did was buy used parts with the remaining insurance money (doors and a fender) and put them on myself. Took me an entire afternoon.

    Now I have a free car.

    Moral of the story: Play hard to get with insurance companies. When they offer you a ridiculous settlement, laugh and hang up. Claim adjusters are the scum of the earth.

  35. Oh mann this is great !

  36. pay close attention: the 2nd richest man in america owns an insurance company… and he uses the money to buy bargains businesses to avoid paying taxes… which you should pay but not him.

  37. I have never ensured anything in my life and never will. These fat bastards are not gonna get fatter off my ass doing nothing.

  38. -I want an insurance that covers me in case of a health accident.

    -We can sell you life insurance it covers lots of hard to understand law speech.

    -Will it help me in case of major health incident?

    – It will help you with lots of hard to understand speech. (impression of professionalism and will to help)

    – Ok. I don't understand and it looks like understanding this takes a lot of time. Looks like I have to trust you on this one. I bay it.

    I understand one should read whole the insurance agreement before signing it, blah blah blah. The insurance business is the only one, that gets away with this. Nobody expects anyone to read anything written on a lemon flavored shampoo bottle. If it is shampoo inside, then selling it to a person asking for lemon juice is a fraud. Insurance companies would be less then 1% as big as they are if they stick to cases where insurance is really a solution. In most cases, it is better to have savings "in case of emergency" in an accessible bank account or/and easy to withdraw investments than any insurance.

  39. Fact: when you file your claim, it goes to the legal department to first see if there's any way out of paying. Lawyers: one the worst things to happen to the world (insert whatever example)

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