How Life Insurance Works

Pros and Cons of different kinds of Life insurance policies, how they are designed, and how they work.

After watching this video you will know more than the average life insurance agent, about how life insurance works!



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  1. This is completely misleading & wrong info presented

  2. Whole life pays fat check to agents not term

  3. She must sell a lot of insurance. Who can say no to that face?

  4. Honestly i think this whole thing is a waste of time and money! Instead of having to invest to add cash value and what so not why not just save money in your own personal account and keep it for your family/kids that plus the pension plan! I mean if that’s not enough to cover your kids/family future then what is??

  5. So many insurance providers hating.

  6. Whole life 16:20

  7. This'll help me be better prepared for my license exam.

  8. Great job explaining the differences between life insurance types to Dummies. This helps me explain and advise my siblings start on the right path. Thank You

  9. very well put together and great delivery! thank you for this presentation I feel so much more confident about buying insurance now!

  10. Why is there a pyramid of playdough behind the notepad

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