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HOW I MADE $17K IN 2 WEEKS | My Work From Home Routine 2019

Come along a day in my life work ing from home : How I Made $17k in 2 Weeks | My Work From Home Routine

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Hey Friends, I’m Natasha — the Founder of Girl Chases Dreams and Welcome to my YouTube Channel.

Girl Chases Dreams is a platform that equips brilliant-minded women with the courage to chase your biggest dreams, the confidence to build a powerful personal brand and the strategies to monetize your influence.

On this channel, I share tips and tricks to build your empire on YouTube, while giving you a behind the scenes look of how I am building mine.

From time to time, I also cover topics on self-love, fashion, healthy living, mindset hacks and all things that will help you shift into the most powerful and sexiest version of yourself.

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  1. Great video, as usual, honey! <3 Q: was it 18 times across off of your platforms or only in one? XO

  2. Please continue to put out these business marketing type videos. This was A1 content. Just subscribed thank you!

  3. Failure is my biggest fear! Honestly

  4. Loving your channel. Feel like I've been binge watching all evening. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Thanks for being so authentic. Excited about our call! Because youve been so real and provided so much value without fluff, I am excited to get on board. Talk soon!


  7. I love your background beats.

  8. I really wish I speak to you in person. Your guidance and advice would be so helpful!!

  9. Awesome. I love how you clearly explained we need to plan out the activities and task for each goal. Plus as an introvert having a launch period for sales behavior is golden for not feeling icky.

  10. Putting myself out there is a tad scary for me!

  11. I'm so glad you posted this Tash. I'm loving the new style and edits bae.

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