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The Truth About Work From Home Jobs (Lies Exposed!)

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This video is about the truth about work from home jobs lies exposed and scams. There are a lot of things that goes on in these at home jobs that are not talked about at all online , but I’m going to reveal some of the things that you should know when it comes to home based jobs.There are plenty good work from home jobs out there but lots of them require experience or some special knowledge or college degree, but most youtubers will not tell you that. If you want to know how to start work ing from home there are many things you should know about real online jobs (Check out the video above for info.)

Why work from home ? Well there are many great benefits to work ing from home like being home with family, no need for daycare etc… but I think personally a JOB is not the way to go you should try Affiliate Marketing. When it comes to job vs business I will pick a business everytime and that’s basically what AM is. Should i work from home is it real or fake? Well if you ask me I will tell 100% without a doubt yes, but honestly it’s all about you I’m just here to give you the advantages and disadvantages of them both.

Before I end this I want to tell you don’t listen to people who say never work from home , because it is truly a beautiful thing. Check out my other videos on the truth about making money online below. Real work from home jobs.

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  1. where is link?

  2. Anyone who has worked in tech knows this isn’t quite accurate. Plenty people make great money working from home.

    If you’re a skilled worker you get more than peanuts

  3. First video I have ever viewed telling the straight truth about work from home jobs. It’s not all peachy like people make it out to be and the pay is god-awful low. If you are seeking some spare change, then cool but many of these companies are getting over on people. Thanks for speaking the truth!

  4. i need a work

  5. thank you for honest information

  6. i can not agree more with you Jay, most of people want this job after watching other paycheck and forget about how much work included in this field. Setting a site, pick up products that sell, setting autoresponder, maintaining audience, etc. Sometime that is so exhausted but it pay good when we do it right.

  7. May I do this type of work

  8. You are so bright and very honest!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Why do all the kids under 30 all think the word SELL is "Sale". I made so many "Sells" today. I am in the "SELLS" industry. ?? Is this a fag thing? Do I have to un FAG everyone?
    The word is SALES. I made a ton of SALES. I SOLD. YOU WILL SELL A LOT OF STUFF. SELL and SALE are not the same word JEESH. My Bad. We talk like 2 year olds?

  10. Thank you for telling the truth… There is a need for it out here. So many people tell so much but they don't tell you that.
    I need to earn approxiamately $25/hr to replace my job but if it aint full time I am hosed! Deus te Bendici

  11. Awesome

  12. When it come to 25 1 up , legendary marketing, or any other affiliate marketing program how long does it usually take? what is your intial business investment? What are the products of those companies? When one does affiliate marketing should one have a different website for each product or should you put em all on one site? What do people typically do? Love to hear from you brother.

  13. Doesn't affiliate marketing work better if you have a blog? My problem was that I had nothing in particular that I could blog about to attract people to a blog then have them click on any ad links. So affiliate marketing seems better suited for those with some knowledge or expertise in some area that they could blog about.

  14. Jay Brown what is your website? My name is Mary Carr on FB.

  15. Thanks for the truth brother. I kinda figured these things after looking for jobs online for years.

  16. Well I found free $3615a money making system that is really working:(just go to)
    greatworks.club/?whHpz Great work…

  17. I have a link, through a friend, it is a legitimate place, so it says. Funny, because on of the three jobs listed, was for a company, that I had done survey, in a cubical. In my past years, of employment. It was a lot of stress. That was not the only thing, I could of somehow, endured that. The worst of it was the incentive part, to do more calls, for a higher something or other. This was cutting your own throat kind of a deal. That was NOT, the absolute worse. Nope, it wasn't. It was going to a super center to shop, and constantly bumping into one of my past co-workers. We always, always talked. One day, he told me, guess what? So-and-so, was wedding-cutting out the competition. She was now some big wig with the corporation. She had seen her vision for herself with this particular company, from get-go. The owner, it gets even more, mind boggeling. Well, the owners son, who inherited this company, he made a deal, for out here in this state, that I am from, they built him a building, he became mayor of the town, And, for a log time he was pulling in money from this place. Prior, we were in the outskirts of this toen, on a hill. We use to call all the time, our main contract was this huge company that they had signed a contract for. So, I knew we would have worked for many a years. Turns out, get this? The morning gal who lost her 410K benefits tolf me this, that they had used peoples, own money, from the morning shift, in which I suppose they had started out. Their bonuses of some kind to remodel the old place. Yes, she lost her 410K, and so did I. She was there before me, and was real closer to it than I was. I am sorry, real sorry to say, this is a true life story. Some of those gals that got taken out were like some of the best girls on the phone. They were like perfect, and beautiful souls, too. My girlfriend, she is just trying to help me out, as far as work goes. She has always been hard working in her life. To a point where now she has crippled herself from what we call work on this planet. And, that's even sadder to say. I am just using this story for pure motivation, including for myself. It is way-way time and past time for all of us to have our spiritual awakening. I just wanted to tell you thank you to your videos. Sorry, for the long story to explain it. I am also a writer, as well as lightworker! Thanks, again, for all your videos, and your wonderful inspiration on them! 🙂

  18. I am one of those individuals who wish to work a few hours at home daily to generate plenty of money. I`ve attempted some other methods as well as ways, and none of them have worked till a good friend advised “fetching mowo press”. I researched it and now my standard wages are One hundred dollars. .

  19. i do a channel on work from home jobs..i actually work from home ..the pay might be low its still money..money is money…low high whatever…it is what it is..dont knock the hustle ..its real out here..and money is money..i have at least 12 survey site i do everyday..and i get paid..

  20. Hey there I'm not getting in to the legendary marketers think u could help

  21. I’m already trying to get into affiliate marketing

  22. If most peple are not qualified to do a well paying job from home, the should get some education

  23. What about forex?

  24. I LOVE your HONESTY!!!

  25. Yeah I got caught up in Arise with intuit and and I lose way more then I gained. The phoneline alone was crazy expensive

  26. Wow! I never thought that there is a negative side on working at home such as this! This is truly an eye opener for me because i am planning to work at home, and wanted to quit my toxic corporate job. I've been working in the BPO Industry for 10 years now and I just wanted to quit it because i need to have some time for myself as I am getting old! Man, thank you for this video.

  27. You are getting close to the top of the rankings. Your video is currently ranking #9 for the keyword: 'from home jobs'. You are almost there.

  28. I worked from home for large insurance company for 6 years. More disadvantages than advantages

  29. I am a Spanish interpreter and I work from home I make pretty decent living

  30. Jay, you seem so genuine


  31. is this true ?

  32. Want to get paid every Friday from home? Go to Teamtoshadiva.com

  33. I'm hiring people to teach English to children. Make money from your couch. Best job ever. https://t.vipkid.com.cn/?refereeId=6540903&refersourceid=a01

  34. thank you for telling it brother the truth that is and giving out information keep it flowing

  35. JAY!!! message me please… help me get out of this 9-5 BS…

  36. I watch just about all your video on online income, which I'm hoping to do myself. But my problem is I'm from baby-boomer era understand the internet on how to set it up I'm totally lost, where do I start from?

  37. So real and to the point. Refreshing man.

  38. I have earned 104,000 thousand dollars in last 12 months by working from my house a­n­d I did that by work­ing part-time f­o­r several h /daily. I was following work opportunity I stumbled upon online and I am happy that i was able to make so much money on the side. It's really user-friendly a­n­d I'm so happy that i found this. Here is what i did… stepforward84­.­c­o­m

  39. too bad I find affiliate marketing the most disgusting of jobs

  40. Great video and another thing that is not talked about in terms of special skill is how organized a person needs to be, to be able to track conversations from email and navigate on browsers.

  41. May I have your email address…. I'm a student

  42. Am hustling to make money to join legendary marketer and MCA

  43. Hi bro i'm 16 yo ans i want to start freelancing but the problem is that i not lucky to found a good online job and i don't have a credit card what should i do?

  44. Affiliate Marketing takes alot of money to do it right. Thats what people need to know upfront, they need a credit card to pay for the advertising.

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