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Make $500 a Day Online w/ Affiliate Marketing Basics

Learn how to make $500 per day online with affiliate marketing following Bruce Lee’s “Fear the man who practices 1 kick 10,000 times” philosophy. It’s all about honing in the basics! If you’re new to the business, watch this video now.

Alright so all the “gurus” are preaching the latest and greatest things to internet marketing: solo ads, mobile marketing, Facebook ads, etc.

However, I’ve been silently earning a full time income online with Affiliate marketing.

I’ve been making $500/day+ in affiliate commissions pretty regularly nowadays.

But the secret to my consistent success isn’t focusing on the latest and greatest tactics.

In fact, I focus on the basics:

Things like Niche marketing, blogging, YouTube videos, SEO, and more.

I just do that stuff really well.

Here are the basics lazy affiliates must master:

1) Content creation – creating content with unique angles is a valuable skill. Learning how to put your own spin on content is what separates you from the masses. A lot of people underestimate the importance of this single skill.

2) Video presentation skill – things like having a “for video” voice carry a lot of weight. The good news is, this is a skill anyone can develop with a little bit of practice.

3) Blogging – there’s a bit of an art to blogging. It’s an oldie, but a proven way to earn commissions in virtually every niche. You will also notice that most prominent figures in any online business have an active blog. There’s a reason for this. If you are serious about affiliate marketing, you will want to master the art of blogging.

4) Learning sales and copywriting will help you convert visitors to sales. I can’t overstate the importance of this skill. Do yourself a favor and read a couple books on copywriting, then implement them. This will make you that much more profitable in the business.

Anyway, I drop a lot of great tips in this video. Let me know what you think.

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