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7 Ways to Make Your E-COMMERCE Business WILDLY Successful – #7Ways

✎ In today’s #7Ways video, Evan shares his advice on how to make your e-commerce business wildly successful. Enjoy! 🙂

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✎ 7 Ways to Make Your E-COMMERCE Business WILDLY Successful – #7Ways
1) #Believe in the product
2) Make sure there is demand
3) Get distribution
4) Have beautiful pictures
5) Write detailed descriptions
6) Get their emails
7) Get your tech right

Some used the ideas in these books to build multi-billion-dollar businesses. I’ll give you the simple-yet-powerful formula that they used (and you can) to realize your dreams. Get yours.

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  1. Check out my NEWEST video: https://goo.gl/E0eE6m

  2. Thanks for this man!

  3. Great video, I really enjoy your content

  4. There are certain skills that are essential for you to truly comprehend before you tell people you’re an internet marketer. You need to know the following, inside-out, backwards and forwards. It must become second nature otherwise you will not be ready to win big.

    1.SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
    Search engine results are the foundations for at least 70% of all online behaviour. Being able to know what moves a site up and down in the rankings is obviously a good trade to have, so learn the tricks of having a good SEO and your website will be working just how you need it to be.

    2. Pay per click marketing.
    Nothing forces money out of a marketing budget faster than an out of control PPC marketing. When caring about your clients, you need to know a lot about PPC. You need to identify and comprehend concepts like negative keywords, quality scoring, dynamic keywords and content networks.

    Analysis/analytics is the practice of turning data into action steps and conclusions like “Wow, our ROI on this keyword is great. We need to build a landing page.”

    4.Complete sentences.
    Write every day. Everyday. You need to be able to write a post like this in 30-40 minutes, and it needs to be readable. Viewers don’t like things to be hard work, so write an easy reading piece and your followers will stick around.

    5.Blogging and social media.
    Write at least one blog. See ‘Complete Sentences’, above. And know what people mean when they say ‘social media’. They really mean media. Recognise what makes it all tick, and how you can help someone co-operate with their audience in a meaningful way.

    6.E-mail marketing.
    Learn to build a house e-mail list. Know what makes an e-mail work or fail.

    7.Statistics 101.
    You need to be on top of figures like a hawk. Like point number 2, Nothing forces money out of a marketing budget faster than an out of control PPC marketing. As with every click of your link in some paying ads, it will cost you money. You’ll need to understand whether this cost is stretching out sufficiently against customers physically buying into your business. Spreadsheets are ideal for keeping on top of the vast amount of figures you’ll have to work with so save yourself the stress and get organised with spreadsheets.

    8.Content marketing.
    This involves the creation and sharing of online material such as videos, blogs, and social media posts, that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. The stronger this skill is, the more interest you’ll get.

    9. video marketing.
    This is simply another form of advertising in which business create 2-5 minute short videos about specific topics using content from articles and other text sources. The videos are then uploaded to various video sharing websites like YouTube for distribution and exposure. This is a successful and helpful skill used by some of the top leading businesses.

    10.Voice search.
    This enables users to search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer. This may mean that sites with the sort of content that answers common questions accurately and concisely are more likely to be the ones providing the answers to those questions. So making resources directly for customer use and searches will need to be provided bearing in mind of the latest form of search trend.

    Success in e-commerce is never an overnight job, even for the best of people. Continuing to improve your e-commerce will continue to improve your overall results in business.

  5. 6:37 pointing out number 6 whilst saying number 5… Haha good one

  6. I thought about translating it to Spanish first 🙁

  7. How much does a e commerce website cost?

  8. i am 17 I will turn to 18 in November I have successful e-commerce website! , nice video evan!

  9. Evan thank you for being a servant leader and helping us get ahead with all the great wisdom from all that have contributed to your channel. I will apply these principals to my e commerce business and help mentor my team to serve more and produce results by adding value. God bless entrepreneurship!

  10. Thank you for sharing !!

  11. Is 1k a good budget?

  12. So most tips are quite basic, I mean I already had them all in mind, however tip no 3 "get distribution" was new, I comprehend this tip as "creating awareness" and it certainly gave me a couple of ideas, so thanks a lot, and all the best to you 😉

  13. Amazing video with really useful content, thanks! It will be interesting to receive some advises from you regarding cryptopayments solutions for ecommerce business

  14. My favorite is 4&5 Have Beautiful picture and to have great Discription
    It's Sanju

  15. Love what you recommend is the best way to sell the idea, product or service because is going to connect in a natural and organic way with the target customer!!!

  16. I really love this topic.It punch me by the point no 1.I think the failure I get on my business before is cause of this.Thank you Evan.That I think I must start it again with better preaparation.Thank God I found your channel.My mentor reccomend me to watch your video.How lucky I am

  17. as always, pratical, actionable, advise, minus the technical jargon, so its understandable for everyone. i have recently joined the ecommerce industry, so i can say, without doubt, this is clear, valuable, executable advise. Thank you Evan for being a lighthouse for us lost-in-dark boats out there.

  18. Dab in the thumbnail

  19. Thanks Evan! Love your useful ideas to implement!

  20. I think this video is one of the top videos that enhance our envision to make our e-commerce business wildly successful..Thank you once more.

  21. nice content man, this was super helpful, especially since i am just starting out with E-Commerce/Youtube. thank you!

  22. Evan,
    I have a question about making a YouTube channel. I desire to create a channel about a couple my passions.
    I'm considering making a fun cooking instructional channel. Although there are 2 separate demographics whom I want to target with that.
    There is another passion I have. This is documenting fixing cool stuff.
    What could I do? Should I just make two/three different channels or would there be another option? Suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  23. Good MORNING MAN. This frm Kishwen. Thanks

  24. Thanks for the advice, Evan! This was helpful. The influencer idea is a great one 🙂

  25. THANKS SO MUCH EVAN I've been watching you way before 1 MIL and you always deliver I gain so much knowledge from your videos and tour not like other youtubers I love that you interact with us and anyway great video…….. My favorite is (Make sure their is a demand) needed this thanks and have a great day !!!!!!!

  26. I like #1, believe in your product. If you don't believe in your product, who will? #BTA227

  27. Yes do it in español I'm in Mexico and ways to have more people see your channel but didn't speak English that's why I don't share it

  28. Great information Evan! Thanks for sharing! It is really useful! And I'm glad that you will do the videos in spanish (if I get this right)because I'm from Argentina! So, go on! And thanks again!

  29. Indeed, I picked a niche market 12 years ago, had enough success to keep it active and running paying for itself, but I lacked return customers and knew it. One year the hosting company made it so nothing shipped out of state for 4 months and a customer called me and asked why, and I was not aware of what happened, had to move to a complete different hosting service to remedy the problem and lost world customers in the process that I didn't know except they showed up on metrics. So being diligent in the backend may be a #8 that is missing,.

    #BTA9. #standout

  30. Good tops aprw iated

  31. Evan you are the best !!!thanks for your suggestions last week !

  32. Thankx for sharing!!! Superb tips

  33. This is great timing. One of my dogs had to go to the vet yesterday and I ended up inventing something last night that will help her. I just finished making a prototype that is working great. I'm going to do some research into how big the need is. Then fill out a PPA 🙂 #BTA 6

  34. Evan, you are a machine with your upload frequency. I am super impressed my man! Keep it up!

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