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How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – EASY!

In this video, I teach how to start affiliate marketing in 2018. I share 3 easy methods to start Amazon affiliate marketing today. If you’re looking for how to make money online in 2018, this is the video for you!

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic business opportunity for people who want to learn how to make money online in 2018 through passive income. I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the BEST online business to start for anyone, due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.


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  1. I’m 15 years old and I want to start making money I’m not a kid that gets allowance or ask for money and I get it. Most kids these days I see have credit cards and the parents give them money just like that. My dad also motivates me to do this kind of work, sometimes he takes me on his business trips and I just love the lifestyle you get to live when working in this environment

  2. I'm interested in affiliate marketing because I want more freedom to do what I want while making money at the same time.

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  4. i want to learn for freedom and travel. i want to take my 8yr old son to disney

  5. hi ive just started a you tube channel all about affiliate marketing. but im strugglingb to get views. i would be so happy if you could watch my videos and give me some tips. i will leave the link to my channel below thank you.

  6. By the way, thanks for creating amazing videos like this. It helps many people.

  7. I want to learn more about affiliate marketing is because I would like to go into new adventure, new skill to get to know, and want to have my first passive income vehicle.

  8. Actually i want to earn money..

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  26. Affliliate Marketing is the fastest way to have a passive income. I recommend you to get this free ebook on how to succeed in affliate marketing and other ways on how to make money online.


  27. I want to start because I am a single mother. My sons father is in prison so I get no financial or parental help there. I have a very hard time landing a job for personal reasons and I'm just determined to find a way to support myself and my son.

  28. Is amazon available worlwide? Like in Philippines?

  29. I am waiting to buy a laptop for me to get started and become successful man.

  30. Hello I want to start affiliate marketing because it can help get out of debts for banks and go on financial freedom and travel through the world which is my second goal after closing all debts

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  34. Most people would say that family is the most important time to be spent and a job from 9-5 just isn't cutting it. It's TRUE!!! I have been struggle putting my family together piece by piece, everyday. I want to be able to spent more time with my wife and our daughter and by letting my family know that I dont have to retire at old age. But ODI, thank you for shooting these video content, step by step. I really enjoy helping others and would like to get my hand into a business that will not only help grow on the market but help people find what they are looking for. That's my story and ODI, keep up the good work bro.

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