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Hey guys, here’s a day in my life work ing from home . My work schedule can be pretty all over the place, but when I get a day to stay home and catch up on work at the computer here it is. I try to start each morning with a balancing morning routine and take a break to work out out. Hope you enjoy the day in my life work ing from home .

00:11 Wakeup
00:38 waking up the dogs/ letting them out
01:25 making coffee
02:40 Chris comes home / Five Minute Journel
03:01 Playing with dogs in bed
04:00 Where was Chris?
04:15 Dolly is pissed
04:35 Our schedule goals
06:37 Breakfast and work
07:26 Midday break
09:25 back to work
10:05 Lunch
10:27 Headed to work out
11:10 Workout
13:13 After Workout Routine
13:59 Back to work
14:15 Dinner
14:55 Chilling on the couch
15:25 Daily dose of Cooper
17:52 More Cooper
19:35 Bedtime

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Comments (17)

  1. Your dogs are so cute!

  2. Me earlier: "I don't need coffee today. Tea should be good." watches you make your espresso drink…. looks at my tea "Should've had coffee. Damn it!"

  3. I work from home/for myself as well and I'm definitely in need of a new office chair, the arm on my current one is broken lol. Do you like yours/have any recommendations for us desk workers?

  4. Hello, new subbie. What did you roll behind your ears and wrists? Lavender oil? Thanks.

  5. What fat rolls??????

  6. What do you do for work??

  7. Usually when i work from home i crack open a cold one and light up a cigar

  8. Love it!

  9. I started doing jujitsu a year ago…4 stripe white belt (could be blue but dont go consistently) but good for Chris! It's intense but worth it

  10. ''most of the time people watch the vlogs for Dolly and Cooper'', …No girl, they are just the bonus of watching 🙂

  11. Ohh, had no idea it was going to be a live. Good day, Serein! 🙂

  12. Your puppy reminds me of a furby for some reason lol

  13. It's always hard working from home and working for yourself. I work from home regularly but am the only employee for my State (but have also had my own business where I worked from home too). So I found having a notebook that I used everyday as my to do list, jot down ideas etc so I could do 'work' during work hours only and not spend all of my time working. Then I can prioritise what I need to do each day and don't spend evenings worrying about not getting X Y Z done. I can just write it down and then forget about it until the next day. That also helps you sleep through the night and not have to think about 'work' 24/7.

  14. One method I am trying to adapt to is "time blocking" just to help me sort the day efficiently, and be more productive. I have different work schedules every week so applying time blocking is helping me not feel overwhelmed

  15. I set a reminder for this and I never got it

  16. I miss it ☹

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